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Posted by Brian Miller on March 21st, 2016

With a gift card, you can easily save yourself from the scary possibility of failing to find and purchase appropriate gifts for those around you. We are not saying you ought to buy one as a Wedding gift, but gift cards in general are great for Birthdays, Christmas, and Easter or as a thank you sign. There are hundreds of cards to choose from out there, one for each type of online entertainment you can think of. For music fans, there is the Spotify gift card, for gamers there is the Nintendo eShop card, for TV show lovers, the Hulu one, for shopping addicts, the Amazon one. You can choose any that would suit your friends’ needs. And you cannot go wrong with one because they give your friend the possibility to choose anything from the shop that the gift card refers to.

There is no reason why you should risk buying a present that you are not sure will be well regarded. The people might not let you know straight to your face that they dislike your choice of gifts for them, but from their reactions, you can easily tell if they are not appreciative. Acting cold is even worse than telling you the truth, but if you reached this stage, it is probably too late already. The gift cards offer numerous advantages which make them worth investing in. They are very simple to purchase and use, so once you try them, you might become addicted and probably your friends (who receive them) too. Indeed technology has made things as easy as a click of a button. You no longer have to walk through shops, browse windows or even websites online, nor make wild guesses of what your friends would like.

The biggest advantage which comes with electronic gift cards, like Spotify gift card is the liberty that they offer, for the gift recipient, to choose the kind of gift they would like. Knowing that someone likes music is a good starting point, but if it were to choosing a specific music album or the newest album from a music band, how would you know which of the already existing ones does your friend already have? Asking directly might let them guess your plans. Sneaking into their homes is illegal. And even if you know which type of music they like or the band they listen to most often, how do you know they do not already have all their albums. It is a guessing game you cannot win. So better to stay safe and buy a gift card. Then, they can go ahead and buy what they want or wait until something new comes out and spend the money wisely.

The same logic works with a Nintendo eShop card. God knows some of us have no idea what gaming is all about and neither which games are the most popular. You might have kids who do though and you might want to make them happy. Taking them to the movies won’t be the same as buying them a gift card which will allow them to buy what they enjoy. Be a good mother or father and think in a new, modern light: money should be spent wisely, only on things which are appreciated. Kids appreciate things you probably do not know about, but you can still be smart about it.

Kids and teenagers will always enjoy a Nintendo eShop card, but for those a bit older and not into gaming, a Spotify gift card will be a great present. Be a modern shopper and a wise friend and buy only things which will bring up smiles.

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