The zjautoparts Valve seat choice reflects trackside

Posted by zjautopartsLee on March 22nd, 2016

The zjautoparts Valve seat choice reflects trackside tuning advantages rather than limitations in the spreadbore Quadrajet carburetor. An optimal fuel source for the 327 and 350 small-blocks, the Quadrajet ultimately proved itself on all lower horsepower big-block 396, 427, and 454 V-8 applications.

Due to the location of the electronic fuel injectors the system's bell crank-type throttle linkage had to be relocated 1-inch higher (than an original 48IDA Weber setup) on the throttle body for clearance. This modification was also necessary to maintain fuel injector-to-intake valve alignment, which is so critical with throttle body-type, multi-point fuel injection systems.

What type of fuel injectors does Imagine use with these systems? "A lot of it has to do with the compression ratio of the engine, the rpm powerband intended for the engine, the cam profile, and horsepower rating. Traditionally, either a constant-pulse Lucas or Bosch-type electronic fuel injector is employed with these applications.

 For example, Motorcycle Carburetor would use a 43-pound-per- hour fuel injector for a 427/454 big-block Chevy, while we would choose perhaps a 30-pound-per-hour electronic fuel injector for a small-block."

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