Invention Training Guides ? Level up Invention and Make RSGold on Runescape

Posted by accolac99 on March 22nd, 2016

Guys, how much you have achieved in training Invention on Runescape? Yes, it is not always easy to level up Invention skill in game. However, it is very necessary to level up Invention in game. You can make a great fortune with the Invention skill. You should have enough cheap runescape gold to ensure you can make the most of the Invention skill. Apart from enough money for Invention, it is also very necessary for you to learn some useful tips before you start training this kill. Here are our tips on how to train Invention skill.

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Basic Info of Invention:

Perks: basically enhancement to weapons, amour to tools. Things such as increased damage against indeed monsters. Devices such as Mechanized Chinchompas, Urn accumlators, Book switchers and Pogo sticks.

How to start: go to the Invention Guild north-east of Falador Lodestone. Complete the turorila to reach level 4. (level 80 in Crafting, Smithing and Divination needed).

Recommended Invention training route(This methods are best for skilers) :
Level 4-27: augment 2T70 weapons( black salamanders are cheapest) then train then both to level 5 and disassemble.
Level 27-60: Augmented then disassemble at level 10. You will need 4246382 EXP untile level 60 when siphoning is worth it.
Level 60+: this is where you can mix/match whether you want to disassemble or siphon.

Best way to level your gear: combat

Slayer: prefer the fastest combat exp tasks
Melee: tyoally the fastest methods.
Range: lack of variet.
Mage: lots of va rity buy none are as fast as Melee ways.

Good moneymaking tips

Make jewelry. After making an item it sells for 3 times the buy price. This may fluctuate as the skill progresses. In addition to this, you can also make money by buying a magic log for 1k and sell magic stock for 3k.

Additional tips and trick:

Do not preload your level 10 gear in your bank.
Make augmentors in smaller quantities at once.
Don’t ne afraid to loot your drops for combat invention.
Armor style does not make a every big difference with invention.
Don’t bank stand if you are bored.

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