Worried about the safety of your parent suffering from Alzheimer?s disease?

Posted by sunainaram on March 22nd, 2016

Is your parent diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? It is a degenerative disease that slowly erodes the person’s self-reliance, independence, and thought process. The patient can have memory loss and confusion regarding dates, days, and even directions. All these symptoms mean that you can’t leave an Alzheimer patient alone at home. He/she should be monitored round the clock. In the early stages of the disease when there are just sudden episodes of the confused behaviour, you will be able to take care of your parent at home. However, if they go out and get lost or suddenly lose their memory, they may be roaming here and there without knowing how to get back home. Plus, they may also forget their name, house address and other pertinent details. At such times, it will become very difficult for you to go in search of your parent and bring him/her back to safety. The only solution to your problem is to use a personal GPS tracker.

 This GPS-based tracking device is very small and can be easily slipped into your parent’s purse or bag that they always carry. These days you also get trackers embedded in watches that you can ask your parent to wear when he/she goes out. The other option is to download the GPS tracking app to the smartphone that your parent uses. Make sure that your parent will always carry this tracking device with them. So, even if they are lost or confused, and don’t know how to find their way back home, you can check the location using the tracking device.

 You can also the passive-type GPS trackers for kids that are available in the market. This type of tracking device is not constantly on, so there is no worry about your parent being continually exposed to the radio waves. When you give a missed call to the tracker, you will immediately get a message regarding the accurate location and direction to the location of the GPS tracker. In some of the advanced models of personal GPS trackers, you will also get a map with travel directions to the location.

 Following the instructions from the GPS tracker for kids, you can go to the exact location and check on your parent and bring him/her back home. It can save you a lot of worry and heart ache. Plus, your parents will be assured that you will be able to always find out their location. There’s not much that medicine can do to treat this disease. You can make sure that in the last days of your parent’s life, he/she feels secure in the knowledge that you will protect and take care of them.

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