Bamboo Bedroom Furniture: An Elegant Choice for Your Bedroom

Posted by HaikuDesigns on March 22nd, 2016

The beauty and aesthetic quality of modern, eco-friendly bamboo platform beds is evident  in the way the manufacturers fuse sturdy contemporary construction with traditional designs. It is often said that the architecture and design of a bamboo platform bed is truly a work of art. Solid natural Bamboo has an attractive grain and texture that set it apart from other woods.

History tells us that bamboo has been around for over seven thousand years.  It has been used for a variety of purposes.  Production materials like paper, arrows, artwork, musical instruments, and building materials. When considering its origins, its economic sustainability, and its present applications, bamboo is an exceptionally renewable resource.

Bamboo’s Origin

Although bamboo does not grow in colder climates, it thrives in many different countries; however, most historians agree that bamboo originated in China. Technically, bamboo is classified as a type of grass, although some species grow as tall and thick as trees. Since bamboo such a rapidly growing and renewable resource, it has had many applications over the centuries including a source of food for herbivorous and omnivorous creatures. Bamboo grows in two ways, ‘clumping’ and ‘running’, which makes it a grass that can quickly dominate a piece of land, if not cultivated properly.

Modern Applications

Serious research on the history of bamboo and its modern uses began around 1920.  It was soon discovered that native types of bamboo were found all over the world, including the United States.  Currently, bamboo is used extensively in landscaping, for flooring and the production of furniture. Although bamboo was commonly used for centuries in Asian countries as a building material, it is only in recent decades that bamboo has become more desirable in the western hemisphere.  As more architects recognize the beauty, strength, and flexibility of bamboo, it becomes more readily available and common for usage in modern furniture.


Bamboo has been a popular natural resource throughout history for two reasons: 1) Its inherent strength, and 2) its renewable/sustainable qualities.  Over time, consumption of trees and natural resources has greatly diminished the quantity of availability.  It can take as long as sixty years for the average tree to mature and another sixty for the next replacement.

On the other hand, some species of bamboo are comparable to the average tree in height and circumference and can take as little as two months to reach adulthood. Bamboo is also an excellent choice to grow because of its hearty and elaborate root system. ‘Running’ bamboo is especially easy to cultivate since it sprouts several shoots at any one time.   As far as sustainability and renewable resources are concerned, Bamboo exceeds the standards on all levels.

A majority of furniture manufacturers continue to produce furniture using a lot of artificial substance; however, many companies are seeing the environmental impact and benefit of becoming ‘Green” in their business practices.   The demand for green products has risen to an all-time high and manufacturers are finally starting to listen to the demands of the public.  Eco-friendly products are now more readily available through traditional and online dealers like

About the Author:

This article was written by Mark Klosterman who worked at Haiku Design. Since its inception, Haiku Designs has provided the finest collections of modern furniture for home and offices. It offers all kinds of bedroom, living room, dining room, office furniture items and more. Apart from this, Haiku Designs also offers natural bedding, floor covering and other accessories.

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