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Volunteering Overseas ? Your Global Responsibility to Save Animals

Posted by Oceans2earth on March 22nd, 2016

There are many ways to support the efforts of animal welfare groups and help animals. If you are passionate about it, volunteering overseas is an opportunity that you should consider. Going abroad to work with animals makes you feel like you are contributing, by being actively engaged in caring for animals in need. Many animal welfare organisations around the world could use some extra hands to fulfil their goals, so get on board and volunteer overseas at one of the many organisations that need you. It is great way to help the various wildlife and domestic animal welfare conservation projects that devote their loves to helping animals, and you can do this in many countries around the world.

To volunteer overseas, it is a good idea to go through a volunteer recruitment organisation that recruits volunteer for a variety of animal welfare organisations. These organisations vet the projects, ensuring they are safe, ethical for the local community and have the best interests of animals at heart. Find a non-profit,volunteer recruitment organisation that (1) specialises in animal welfare and wildlife habitat conservation projects, and, (2) accepts international volunteers. Ensure they are reputable by searching for online reviews. This is also a great way to see if the project is right for you. Animal welfare is a delicate area, and potential volunteers must make all efforts to ensure that the project, or organisation centres on and supports grassroots and meaningful projects that rehabilitate animals and release them to the wild, or in the case of caring for domestic animals, find them a good, loving home. Good organisations can connect volunteers with a relevant conservation and animal welfare project that suits you, and will place you in the country of your choice such as Australia, Thailand, Kenya or Ecuador. This way, you can travel, contribute and experience caring for animals, an experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

Australia is one of the countries where volunteers are needed the most, so if you’re looking at going down under, look for a non-profit volunteer sending organisation that specialises in Australian projects. Volunteering with Australian animals will provide you with a valuable and one of a kind experience with local wildlife,such as koalas, dingos, kangaroos, possums and wallabies. Organisations specialising in Australian wildlife rehabilitation projects are few and far between. There is only one organisation that is Australian owned where you can find Australian Wildlife volunteering projects.

If you are looking for animal welfare projects in countries such as South America, Africa and Asia, be sure you find an ethical organisation that releases its animals after the rehabilitation process has been completed. The right volunteering organisation will put you in touch with these organisations and, again, will ensure that you are being placed in an organisation that actually works for the animals, looking after their best interests at heart. You may find yourself involved in a wildlife rehabilitation project or a turtle research project – just choose which one suits.

Volunteer recruitment organisations can give you access to initiatives that support international volunteers and ensure you are working with likeminded volunteers from around the world. The projects they offer volunteers vary in opportunity, but all work towards caring for animals in their natural environment or in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation centres.Your tasks will depend on the country that you choose, as well as the needs and goals of the project and the type and length of your stay. You can choose to participate in volunteer work that lasts for a week or even for six months. Just be sure to choose a reputable non-profit organisation that collaborates with well-meaning organisations from all over the world.

About the Author:

This article is written by Tracy Leske. She is the Director of It is a website of a non-political, non-religious organisation that provides opportunities for individuals to interact with people of diverse cultures. They offer amazing volunteering and adventure travel experiences for ethically minded animal and conservation lovers looking for the trip of a lifetime.

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