The importance of the Default Gateway IP Address

Posted by Jessica Parker on March 23rd, 2016

They understand fundamentals of computer networks and improve their knowledge about IP addresses for various devices such as routers.  They are confused with the default IP address for various resources.  They are eager to focus on - Default Gateway IP Address in our time. This is because many routers have this default IP address. 

An IP address of leading brands of routers

Individuals who have Cisco branded routers understand that is the default IP address for their routers. Network servers make use of this IP address for various purposes.  This default gateway address represents the connection of a router to the Internet from the local side.  The default subnet mask for class A IP addresses such as is  Every router from any brand has the administrative settings page nowadays.  These routers’ features in this page play the most important role behind how these routers work in the computer network. Source :

Once you have accessed this administrative settings page of your router, you can change wireless networking data of the router, change the DHCP assigned Internet Protocol range, set additional security modes, and change other advanced network settings as per instructions from the manufacturer of your router.  If you type the default IP address http:// in your web browser, your router will prompt with the login of your router’s admin account.  You can change so many elements by using different settings available in this page.  These details may vary in every router. 

Is it possible to change the gateway IP address?

Even though many routers support users to change their IP address conveniently, some routers do not have this facility so far.  You can consult with an experienced networking   professional to make an informed decision about changing your default gateway IP address. If you check the router documentation from top to bottom, then you can get an overview about how to administrate your router properly. You have to bear in mind that any incorrect field in this page may affect the overall performance of your computer network. Thus, you have to be very careful whenever you deal with the default gateway address   

Individuals who do not aware about IP addresses and networking concepts have to avoid dealing with the default gateway IP address change on their own. This is because any kind of an inappropriate change of an IP address may affect other elements in the computer network connected to the Internet.  One of the most common problems arise in this action is to revert a router to its usual IP address. This action also leads to loss of the network and the Internet connection to a router.  You have change a few elements of the network settings when you have changed the default gateway IP address of the router incorrectly.  You do not have to change the static IP addresses of resources on the network with an objective to match these IP addresses’ format with the IP address of the default gateway of a router.

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