Air pollution is now among the top 5 environmental health risks

Posted by Claire on March 24th, 2016

For some people, home is a place to spend most of their times, especially for children and seniors. In this case, home always needs to be in clean and good condition in order to make people who live there stay healthy. But there is something that human cannot see by eyes, air pollution.

Air pollution is now among the top five environmental health risks (EPA). Some of people may think if ventilation is enough, but ventilation is still affected by the outdoor air. For someone who lives on a big town, clean outdoor air is almost impossible. But now, people who live in town can stay healthy without being afraid of air pollution. Whole house air filter is the answer for the clean air.

Now, we can see many wole house air cleaning products everywhere. Many people had easier life because of this whole house air filter. Some products of whole house air purifier singapore are:

HEPA is an abbreviation for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. As a type of air filter, it removes 99% of all particles that has bigger size than 0, 3 micrometer from the air that passes through. This filter composed by fiberglass. It will trap the small particle with these three mechanisms: Interception, Impaction and Diffusion.

Whole House Self-Charging Electrostatic Air Filters

These air filter designed with polyester and polypropylene materials, it will trap all of small particles in the air that passed this electrostatic air filter. Usually, it is almost 90 percent efficient. It also has self charging, washable and custom made to size. It also has both of negative and positive charge so they could catch the solid particles with the opposite charge.

Whole House Ultra-violet Light Systems

These ultra-violet light systems are installed into air conditioning systems to kill mold and bacteria. But any bugs or bacteria should go through it to be killed.

Facts From Air Filters

First, air cleaner is not pull dirt or any other solid particle to their place. If you think all of the dust will be cleaned by the air filter, you were wrong. It will only clean the air that passes through the air filters.

Even some air filters like electrostatic air filters will grab allergen and dust like a magnet, but it can’t pull dust from hidden places, your home will stays dirty if you never clean it. Whole house air filter is just some additional things to decrease dirt and allergen. You still have to keep your home clean by yourself. But, we must remember if air filter will help us clean the small particles that we cannot see. So, keep your home clean and use air purifier together will provide you a very great air for you and your family.

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