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Posted by esogoldforsale on March 24th, 2016

World of Warcraft Gold: Legion became quite a tasteful game even before its release. As far as a talk of release is concerned, fans of the game are still eager to know when the official launch of the game will be, since many have said and concluded on different release periods.

The Blizzard Entertainment wonder, World of Warcraft: Legion, is yet to reveal more about itself in the coming months. The most recent news that became quite controversial to the fans was the probable moving of the release date, via some retailers that provide information on the title's assumed release date, as per Segment Next.

According to Game Ranx, some European retailers came up with a list of games that are to come out this year, which in this case, includes Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft: Legion. Netherlands-based retailers Bol, Tweakers and BudgetGaming, as well as Empik from Poland and MEPlay from the United Arab Emirates, claim that the game will come out by June 30, 2016. The claims have been quite interesting to many so far, especially as Blizzard Entertainment has not set the rumors aside, despite the September 21, 2016 marker which was officially bestowed upon the game.

Noted by Gospel Herald, World of Warcraft: Legion promised some improvements to the system as soon as it releases, such as the new level cap of 110, new locations, Demon Hunter class and the Honor Points mechanic. Earning Honor Points will elevate a player's Honor level, which provides rewards such as gold, artifact power and Honor Talents. It was also spoken of that the game will have a much larger map design, compared to the predecessors.

WOW Gold: Legion is still confirmed of having a September 21st, 2016 release date. Though the rumors may seem tolerable, all news regarding the game are to be taken as a grain of salt, until Blizzard Entertainment themselves announces otherwise.

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