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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Affiliate Programs like ClickBank are the best ways of get an extra income every month without spend money. You can join for free in just minutes with ClickBank and start offering Digital Products to your customers. If you have a good double opt-in email list or just a blog or website, you can add ClickBank to get an extra income.

ClickBank only allow to sellers offer Digital Products or Inmediate Download Products, it means that after buyer pay for it can download it. Its one of most important features of ClickBank and for this, it?s the best Affiliate Program.

About 3 months ago, I read the ebook Google Cash, where the author explain the best ways to get Affiliate Sales using Google Adwords. There are others ebooks about Google Adwords and ways to get affiliate sales using it, I recommend that you search and read for it, because it?s a good way to get money faster.

Google Adwords Is one of the best ways of promote your site, online business or what you want to promote. You can join Google Adwords here: After join, you can setup your first Ad, where you will be able to select the ?Ad Text?, ?Ad Link to show?, ?Ad link to go after click?, ?Ad Title? and ?Ad keywords?. You will need to think about what product want to promote. Remember, Adwords will send you people that are searching for this product. For example, if you are searching for ?Cars? in Google, you will see that after press ?Search button? some ads appears in the right and maybe above of search results. Adwords will put your ad on this places exactly when people is searching it, so in less words, people will see ads of what they are searching for. For this reason Adwords is most effective ways to promote your business.

You can setup your keywords, you will need to search about keywords using Overture Keyword Tool, where you will be able to enter the keyword and will get last month searches for this keyword and related phrases, also you will be able to get ?Advertisers Bids? for this keywords.

Selecting most common keywords is not always the best solution, because keywords like ?email? or ?car? are really spensive, because this keywords are most searched In Internet. Maybe you can select other related keywords, or phrases. There are lot of it that are also searched and cost the minimum ($0.05)

Ok, now you have your product selected (using ClickBank), you have the right keywords and your Ad designed (title and text). After you complete the Adwords Steps, your ad will be sent for ?Approval? and Google Team will approve (or not) in just one day (sometimes I got it approved the same day).

With $50 you can start your own Adwords Campaign, if you selected keywords as low as $0.05, so with $50 you will get 1,000 Relevant and Exactly visits to your products, just think that if your product is nice and good, you may get 10 or more sales, and if you get only $12.50 per sale, you will get $125.00 for $50 of investment. ($75 ROI)

Ok, now, if it is your first time with Adwords, and don?t want to spend your first $50 you can go to, register an account for free, and search for ?Adwords Coupons?. You will get a list with all auctions related with Adwords Coupons. What is it? Adwords Coupons are links or just ?coupons? to get discounts or free Adwords Credit. You can buy at $55 free adwords credit for less than $2, and it works fine. I used it last months, but after I got real profit from my sales I never didn?t use it again, because if im a really ?internet marketer? I need to spend some money to get success, not all is free, or just not always people can get free promotion.

Do all above, read more about Google Adwords in Adwords Support Center, you will get lot of features like ?Select the Country where you want to offer your product?, it?s a good option because you will not want to offer products to all countries? you only will want to offer it to specified country, to get more targeted visits to your Ad.

Im getting real profit from this tactic, its very used for Webmasters and People around the globe, and its one of best ways to get real income in just one week.

Adwords and Affiliate Programs are only one way to get online revenue, there are many other ways. If you want to see latest articles and resources for online business, just go to my own blog and you will find lot of fresh content about Online Business and also lot of resources and more great tools for your business. You also can join to my Free Newsletter to get latest info directly to your email every week.

Good Luck!!!

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