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Posted by goldsafe21 on March 24th, 2016

The release of Silverfrost Mountains expansion would have been a good chance to enjoy new dungeons, level 50 cap, Soulstone Plains and so on, but NCSoft’s announcement about Kiyeon, the Achievement Merchant NPC, being temporarily disabled due to incorrect prices suddenly pour cold water on players’ enthusiasm. The team told that ETA for the fix is 3/30 after maintenance.

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Kiyeon, the Achievement Merchant NPC is disabled now

If you haven’t got the thing, here it is: The NCSoft team in West posted two pictures about the Achievement Merchant NPC and prices of items he sells to tease players. However, while fans were full of expectation and wanted to exchange their Achievement points for some items, some sharp-eyed players pointed out that the prices were inconsistent on items. For example, with the incorrect price, the widow wig only costs 10 Gold, 1 high quality Fabric and 5 Silverfrost Valor Stones. But in fact, its’ real cost should be 100 Gold, 15 HQ Fabrics and 80 Silverfrost Stones, which is also a price for other regions. Soon after, the team told it was a bug and they would disable the merchant called Kiyeon for a fix. ETA for the fix is 3/30 after maintenance.
Players reaction about NCSoft to disable the merchant

Though the achievement merchant is only temporarily disabled and it will definitely come back, players just cannot help annoying. Many people told on forums how much effort they had put in for Achievement points, so it is unacceptable to get such an result. There are also many voices, varying from criticizing NCSoft failed to double check the content they release, and they rushed everything to miss something important, and not responsible for the game, etc. Of course, there are also people who believe that it is just a little thing, but considering many players have been counting on the achievement merchant, I also hope that the fix can be completed sooner than later, especially for the classes who are in much more desperate need of their books.

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