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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

I suspect that more people would consider a hands-free affiliate revenue site if they didn?t feel that a web design would be cost prohibitive.

Whenever you start an online business (even an affiliate revenue site) you have to take into account the overall cost of doing business. For instance, it can cost you $1,500 or more to develop a new site and then as much as $100 or more a month to have the site hosted and revised as needed.

If your site is expected to amass $100 a month in residual affiliate revenue it?s easy to see the idea of a website development makes the idea a losing proposition.

If, however, you could develop your own web design that would contain all of the features you needed and you could realize the potential of $100 a month with a web hosting fee of less than $20 you would see a much greater return on your investment.

It should be noted that there are some affiliate revenue sites that make more that $100 and some that make less. The figure above was simply used as an example.

Interestingly if you can work at facilitating a solid web design in a cost effective environment you can take time to develop niche Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that will get your website noticed by search engines.

What this means is by using a template rich web design solution you can save development capital. By saving money you experience greater profit potential, this profit can be the encouragement you need to refine and improve SEO techniques that will have a further impact on site visitation and product purchases.

The Internet is filled with those who have discovered ways to develop multiple affiliate revenue sites that are cost effective and provide a substantial residual or full income depending on numerous factors.

For some individuals the idea of actually owning a traditional business is something they are not interested in, but if they can work to develop a web design that relies on affiliate revenue income they can begin to see the potential this income has to allow them to do things like home improvements, make a car payment, pay off medical bills or even the mortgage.

You don?t have to be a business owner to take financial advantage of affiliate revenue programs. However, in order to maximize your earnings potential you may want to explore the possibility of using a template rich web design option that gives you the most control with the least out of pocket expense.

There is a real potential for wealth development online. Make sure to explore your options.

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