What are the priorities of a good lemon law lawyer?

Posted by Andrew Richardson on July 21st, 2021

The lawyers come with multiple personalities. Most of them are kind, compassionate, and justice-oriented people. However, the priorities of lawyers may differ, and you can get to know this within 5-10 minutes of consultation. It can further help you to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. In this blog post, we will discuss Ohio Lemon Law attorneys' priorities on their list.

1. Justice for the people

Justice should be high on priority for the lawyers battling for lemon law new cars in Ohio cases. The lemon law is all about getting the right compensation or buyback for the defective vehicle. When an automaker sells the car, he will not take it easy for a couple of reasons. 

It could prove to them as a costly affair. If the vehicle is lemon, the manufacturer may have to bear all the expenses from vehicle cost, court fees, and attorney expenses. 

Second, losing a lemon law case may hinder their brand reputation. Auto manufacturers have a global reputation that they need to protect. 

For these reasons, the manufacturers will try to do everything to slow down the buyback process and delay a refund. 

2. Provide speedy buyback

Automakers try to drag the lemon law case for as long as possible. And, it doesn’t make much difference to them about your non-functional vehicle. Their reputation and connections protect them. The professional Ohio Lemon law attorneys know the tricks that these manufacturers play to delay the buyback process, and beyond that, they have compassion for poor customers. So, they try to speed up the compensation process. 

3. They won’t charge you money

The best thing about hiring lemon law lawyers is that they will not charge you any legal expense until you win the case. When you win the case, the manufacturer has to cover them all. So, a professional attorney will not take the case unless they think the claim is valid and can win the case.

4. Transparent

The lemon lawyer should be transparent in their dealings, and they should reflect it. You can easily detect it within a few meetings. A professional lawyer does not make a bold guarantee of the claim, especially in the first few meetings. If the lawyer is telling you so, it is an alarm not to gravitate towards him. No attorney can decide the result of the case in advance. Transparency also means telling you the hard facts about your claim. It includes both challenges and opportunities. Moreover, the attorneys have a cautious and optimistic vibe during the consultation.


Selecting the lawyer is the biggest decision that you have to make. The wrong decision can hook you to an unfortunate situation. Hopefully, the post helps you to understand what makes a lawyer professional.

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