Sex Amulet and Buddha Statue ? Two Most Popular Items In The Asian Countries

Posted by articlelink01 on March 28th, 2016

It is a new world, where science and technology have taken a great leap forward and provides lots of support for the mankind to get a comfortable and easy life. Whereas, the scientific inventions and discoveries have changed the basic approach of our life and sometimes poses the threat to erstwhile beliefs and blindfolded trust on religion or spirituality and a great fight is going on in every society between spirituality, rituals against science or atheism.

Now we have entered into the computer world and even children are fascinated and quite accustomed to the digital world but still there are lots of ancient beliefs and rituals are prevailing in the modern society and a major section of people is having the trust on amulets or on some other such substances. The sex amulet is one such product, which has a great influence on the people of the Asian region, especially Tibetan, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, etc. and it is a huge market, covered a large section of the continent, which made this a billion dollar business.

The Products and Their Features

It is a known fact that there are some massive differences, in the approaches and beliefs in the religious matter, between the western societies and their counterparts in the eastern hemisphere. In the Asian countries, there are still some ancient rituals and religious viewpoints are predominantly rules the people from almost every strata and these paved the way for business organizations to flourish their business with an earning of substantial revenues. Some of these products, which have a great influence on the people and quite a formidable business in this region, are as follows:

  • Amulet: In this aforementioned region, people from various countries and society are used to carry amulets in the different form and there is a view that these amulets can be of great help in bringing good fortune or some positive vibes for the individual and the society. The sex amulet is one such product, which has a great demand in the South and Southeast Asian region, because there is a belief that this specific amulet is the symbol of the first pair of man and woman, such as; Adam and Eve, who can bring fortune in love affairs.
  • Buddha statue: Lord Buddha, is the most respected and popular religious figure in this entire region and there are lots of worshippers, who are being exceeded the state borders and spread over almost every corner of this huge continent. Due to this overwhelming popularity and believers, the different kinds of Buddha statue are having a great demand among the worshippers and even some people from other religious sects also collect these statues, with an intention of being blessed with good fortunes.

There are lots of differently designed and manufactured Buddha idols and people believe that have different kinds of godly vibes, which are all having the spiritual and miraculous power. There is a strong viewpoint that these statues are having the potential of bringing good fortunes for the individual and also for the society as a whole.


In the entire Southeast Asian region, the people are fascinated about the amulets, statues and some other items as per the beliefs, are having the spiritual and miraculous power. The sex amulet and the Buddha statue are two most famous and popular items, which are having a good presence in almost every household of the believers.

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