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Posted by Ryszar Cichy on March 28th, 2016

Several questions that cross a human mind call for the need of an enlightened source of intelligence. People read books and listen to speeches conducted by various experts but still do not find the answers to certain questions. The concept of the origin of space always baffled people ranging from an anthropologist to the common person, as curiosity is a natural trait in every human. Civilization might have transitioned the circumstances but one fact remains a mystery- the existence of humans.
As humans are an intelligent species, somebody or the other is involved in finding or experimenting with something new. Gravitational pull has attracted living begins to this universe and so did it pull other objects. Albeit, then you look far away, above the clouds, you find other elements residing. Who must have created them or from where did they even emerge? Mystery questions like these often have left many with several assumptions.

Given the advancement of internet, today people are able to come up with new inventions. Infinite questions arise every day regarding the existence of space, evolutions of universe and how most things came into existence. Solving a jigsaw puzzle teaches kids to join the fragments to create one big picture that is because the pictures are already pre-defined and are meant to be in a certain order. Nevertheless, when it comes to demystifying things about the vastly spread space, the question perhaps takes a leap.

As nobody precisely knows the limits and the origin of certain things, most undiscovered mysteries surrounding the world remain completely unsolved until the present times. The world is a material and human beings are fragile but connected to each other through emotions. A certain kind of aura builds up around, which is what lets the world come together. Nobody loves to live alone as there is a certain kind of belonging with each human being and that is how energy is created around people.

Intangible elements such as space and energy always are surrounded by human beings. A constant influx of positive thoughts build up around human minds is how a person is able to create boundaries. No one can turn off the constant thinking process, as life exists solely because of the energy converted into mass. A universe without energy and mass is a pointless topic. It is impossible for anyone to survive without the existence of these important elements. People receive energies and that is how they communicate and interact with each other. The question is out of place whether to make the most out of what exists around you or not. In the beginning, there was nothing but time and energy. As human beings started evolving, moments passed by and time changed everything that was formed in the initial phase.

Today there are shelves filled with books that state different theories of time. How far can you go defining the existence of something that was present even before cells were formed? Indeed this great mysterious thing has been solved by many experts and the knowledge is spread through books. Referring to books that demystify the evolution and its existence is a fantastic way of gaining knowledge about space, energy and time.

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