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10 Essential Tips to Find That Perfect Acrylic Cake Toppers

Posted by Giftwaredirect on March 28th, 2016

Celebrations are not complete without a cake, and a cake is not complete without a topper! If you are looking for the perfect acrylic toppers, here are 10 essential tips to keep in mind:

1.Know the occasion – Acrylic cake toppers can come in a number of designs and colours. Make sure that the topper you choose will suit the event. Is it for a birthday, a wedding, or an anniversary?

2.Understand the theme – These days, celebrations have themes. Maybe you are planning an ‘under the sea’ prom. An excellent acrylic cake topper shaped like sea weeds or coloured blue can complete the theme.

3.Match colours – There is no bigger cake faux-pas than an explosion of colours. Make sure the cake, cake topper, buffet, and the venue match up colour-wise

4.Take into account the size – Just imagine how weird it would look if you had a small square cake and your topper is about 5 inches high. Make sure that the acrylic cake topper is proportional to the actual cake.

5.Keep within the budget – Don’t be fooled by the size of cake toppers. You might end up buying a cake topper that is more expensive than the actual cake.

6.Consider the cake – If you have a vegan cake, maybe choose an eco-friendly type of cake topper. You may also be able to find acrylic cake toppers with a bamboo timber design.

7.Shop around – Don’t buy the first cutest cake topper that you see. It’s best to look around online. Often times, online prices are lower as the stores don’t have to pay for expensive overhead costs.

8.Research on the types of cake toppers – Acrylic cake toppers come in the form of figurines, usually a bride and groom or a debutante. There are also cake toppers that come in the shape of a number, which is perfect for birthday parties. Initials or written acrylic cake toppers are also popular to suit all kinds of events.

9.Learn the process – Not all acrylic cake toppers are created equally. It all boils down to the process used to create the acrylic cake topper. If you want polished and high-quality acrylic cake toppers, check if it is cut using laser and finished off with flaming.

10.Go for custom – If you have scoured all of the shops and still haven’t found the perfect acrylic topper, don’t worry. There are online sellers who can offer personalised or customised acrylic cake toppers to meet all of your requirements. To ensure quality and better prices, purchase from a store that has in-house manufacturing.

About the Company:
Giftware Direct is a leading online Giftware provider in Australia. They offer a wide selection of personalised giftware for all occasions. They have a collection of engraved glassware, shot glasses, favours, bombonniere and much more. The delivery of products is Australia wide.

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