8 Things DM need to have Before Starting a Game of D&D

Posted by Sarah Jones on July 22nd, 2021

A DM is a very important person in a D&D game, and there are certain responsibilities that a DM has to follow. They guide the players through the encounters, let the character players interact with the situations, and help organize the game. The DM needs to be organized, and every DM has its D&D books to ensure the players have the most fun. This article will list some items that a DM should have before starting the D&D game.

1. Detailed notes about the adventure

With numerous adventures in the game, some DMs prefer coming up with their version of adventure to enjoy the game to the fullest. Therefore a DM should have proper notes of all the adventures and the sightings in the D&D book.If the book is nearby, the DM need not flip between the pages and get an idea about the game. The D&D bookalways helps keep everything stable and straight.

2. They must know about the enemies and NPCs

D&D is fun, and the NPCs also play a significant role in the game. Each NPC has a different ability and to keep track of all the abilities. The DM should note them down and should know about them in detail. An experienced DM will quickly look at the NPC and talk about its ability without stopping the campaign.

3. An hourglass is very important

Some DMs will agree that players in tough situations take up a lot of time to play their turn. A clear strategy will only make the game more interesting, but the players who think their way make other players wait for their turn. This can become annoying sometimes. Therefore some DMs have hourglasses with them, and they help continue the game without the players losing interest because of a player.

4. A notebook

It is not easy to remember every aspect of the game. At this point, the notebook comes in handy. The DM can write up names of the NPCs and other relevant information regarding the game that will help the players. Other players also have a book with them, and the DM carrying a book shows that the DM is confident and knows how to keep the fun going throughout the game.

5. Speakers

Some players have reported that their DM had gotten speakers for the game, and this small optional step took the game to a whole new level. They can come up with innovative sounds to be played during the game that will help set the mood for the players. During the end, the speakers can add real value and enhance the overall experience of the game. The speakers and the sounds help the players immerse into the action, and they forget they are sitting around a table.

6. Post-it notes on the D&D books

The DM will have a stack of papers and books behind the screen that ensure that the game runs smoothly. To get to the storyline more quickly and pick up references, the DM can use post-it notes. These post-it notes can be organized by color, and each note would reference the thing under the book. Each DM has their way of organizing the note, and they can arrange it the way they see fit.

7. Miniatures of the game

Though this is an optional way of enhancing the player's experience, some DMs use miniatures sets and action figures to give the players a real feel. There are several ways you can create these set-pieces at home. Some DMs also buy expensive miniature sets that are invested in the game.

8. Boundary markers

Boundary markers are another great way of enhancing the experience of the players. Since the spells have a certain range of how far they will go with the character, they can bring some creativity into the game. Many DMs use boundary markers because any player in a situation that gets in the middle of the boundary marker will have its impact. Boundary markers are also used to measure the range of anything in the games.

Wrapping up

These were some of the items that an experienced DM will have with them at all times during a D&D game. For more items and excellent D&D books, you can visit Troll and Toad.

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