Kumanthong and Wealth amulet: Thailand?s Most Popular Items For getting Fortunes

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Although we are now living in the twenty-first century and having a history of great technological advancement, as well as, witnessed lots of scientific inventions, but still there are some ancient rituals and beliefs are predominant in most of the developing countries, especially in the Southeast Asian region. Different kinds of amulets and statues are in great demand in this part of the world and people from different strata are quite fascinated by these items, which can be of help in bringing good fortunes for the user. The Kumanthong and Wealth amulet are two important articles, which are very popular among the believers and also being used by those people, especially in the Thailand and Myanmar.

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The religious and spiritual beliefs in this region are quite different from the western world and people are having great trust on the ancient rituals and deities and they believe that these issues are having the power of bringing, both positive and negative, fortunes to a great extent. Here some of the most important issues related to these articles are as follows:

  • Kumanthong: This is a “ghost figure” commonly seen in Thailand. People are quite afraid of ghosts or bad spirits here, but surprisingly, it can be found that they are even willing in inviting the ghost to live with them in their own home. This particular meaning of this statue is the “golden boy” and people believe that this positive spirit can be of their help in the money matters, which may be the aspirations of every human being. Although it can be compared to the black magic, but one cannot ignore the immense popularity of this figure among the people in Thailand and surrounding countries.
  • Wealth amulet: In Thailand, most of the people are quite fascinated about the “fortune bringing” power of amulets and often try to get hold of such items, irrespective of class, sex, strata, which can be of great help for their livelihood, as per their belief. This particular amulet is being used by an individual with a desire of having solutions of all his financial matters. As per the beliefs, this amulet can be helpful in; abundant amounts of wealth creation, attracting money, multiplying of money, the creation of money effortlessly, which may be sounding a bit peculiar, but people are having great trust in these. The amulet can address the financial issues and provides amazing solutions, such as; eradicate the poverty, arresting of monetary losses, attract economical support, improvement of wealth situation, the increase of the financial scopes etc.


These aforementioned items are very popular in Thailand, therefore; available in the market in abundance, which can be bought easily by any potential buyer. Apart from this, these articles can also be procured from the online retail shops, which are the latest trend in the marketing of any items and considered as the best buying-selling platform. These online shops are having a huge variety of collections of different statues and amulets, which is a great scope for the intending buyer to collect the item of their choice at a competitive price.

In Thailand, where people are having beliefs in supernatural powers of deities and ghosts, are having the practice of carrying the statue or amulets for good fortune for self and family members. The Kumanthong and Wealth amulet are two such important articles, which are having a great presence on peoples’ mind in this part of the world.

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