The Modern Party Rental Workflow

Posted by aaarents on March 29th, 2016

Your workflow isn’t just the order of things to do...Workflow is the ability to get something done. When it’s about the flow more than the work, your workflow can be highly effective.

Some people believe workflow can't be controlled. This isn't true! With a little planning and preparation, your workflow can be as efficient as an electric car rolling downhill. Planning is crucial when your job is about planning a party.

To take your own efficiency to the next level, begin by putting your guests to work! The first responsibility of your guests is to RSVP. Make this task easy for them. Provide your guests with electronic RSVP options. This can easily be done today with email and smartphones.

Once your guests complete their responsibility of confirming or declining their attendance at the party, you will know how many people to expect. This will make the food preparation and securing party rental equipment much easier. You will know how much food to order, the number of chairs you need to acquire, the number of tables you need to arrange, and more. Hound everyone you invited until they all complete their responsibility of informing you of their intent to attend your gathering.

The next step in maximizing your workflow is to create detailed checklists. No item is too mundane to place on your checklist. This will allow everything to be accomplished by the time the date of your gathering arrives.

Delegate assignments on the checklist. Select people you trust to accomplish different items on the list. Put someone in charge of the catering for your gathering. Instruct someone else to secure any party rentals in San Fernando Valley. Ask them to report back to you when their assignments are completed.

To have a great an amazing workflow, you want everyone to be engaged under your watch. Help your friends solve problems as they arise. Make checking in with people on their assignments part of your own checklist. (This is especially helpful if you haven't heard an update from anyone in a while--there may be an issue that demands your attention that no one informed you of!)

You must fight the urge to procrastinate. You need to be proactive, not reactive, in all situations. For example, make sure your party rental furniture matches the decor of your chosen venue ahead of time. You don't want to be required to react to an unsightly combination of room and furniture the day before the event.

Maintaining an efficient workflow will allow your party to succeed. It will also prevent stress. Create checklists and delegate accordingly to manage your workflow today!

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