Importance of Infant Car Seats

Posted by Rforrabbit on March 29th, 2016

A car seat is essential if you have an infant. In some countries, you are not allowed to drive with a child in your vehicle unless he or she is in a car seat. In 2005, some 2,000 children were reported to have died in car crashes while more than 230,000 were injured. Make your car child-friendly by purchasing a seat that is appropriate for the age and size of your child. Proper installation is a must, too. 

Car seats can prevent children from getting injured during road trips. Since car seats are elevated, babies will have a more enjoyable time during the drive, too, as they can see out the window. Here are some tips to help you find the right car seat for your infant

  1. Read your car owner’s manual: Most car manuals include information on how to install a car seat. This way, you can easily choose the best type of car seat that will fit into your car. The 3 most common types of car seats are: 
    1. Booster seats – Designed for children over 40 pounds, these seats come with shoulder and lap belts.
    2. Forward-facing seats – This model is ideal for kids at least 2 years old
    3. Rear-facing seats – These are best for infants and newborns.  Your child’s head must not be taller than the seat’s top. 
  1. Figure out your car seat plan beforehand: Even if you have a roomy back seat, if you have other children with you, the car seat might not fit. Use a measuring tape to get exact lengths and widths. 
  1. Choose a proper belt path: The belt path of the car seat should be simple enough for you to operate and comfortable for your child to wear. Children should have a bit of wiggle room so they don’t feel too restrained in the car seat. 
  1. Opt for 2-piece clips. Your child can easily unbuckle simple belts, so for safety, choose a car seat with 2-piece clips. 
  1. Choose a car seat that is easy to clean: Try seats with smooth fabrics. These types can be easily wiped clean compared to seats with textured fabrics.

Remember that the main purpose of the car seat is to keep your child safe and comfortable during travels. It might be tempting to purchase the cutest infant car seat in the store or one that will match the interior of your car, but looks should never be your main concern. Put design and function above all else. 

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