Top 7 Ways to Use Wall Tiles Creatively

Posted by Edward on March 29th, 2016

Choosing wall tiles is an absolute delight for the sheer presence of limitless options. You can choose vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, natural stone looking tiles and so much more. The advantage with choosing wall tiles is that you can even lay your hands on certain delicate tiles as well. This option is not available while choosing floor tiles. We would suggest you to get as creative, quirky and experimental (of course, within certain limits) to choose the right wall tiles for your home. Here are a few tips that would certainly come to your aid in making a better choice. Have a look:

1. Accent wall: A wall is the part of the room that draws immediate attention of the entrants. Tile companies have this in mind and that is the reason there are options galore. Ceramic tiles and wooden tiles make for a perfect blend for accentuating walls. However, if you are thinking about doing your living room wall, make sure to take expert assistance from tile manufacturers for the area around the fire place.


2. Blend the tiles with existing décor: Consistency and uniformity matters the most while choosing the tiles for your home. The grace of the tiles wall is such that it accentuates the beauty of any wall it is embellished on. You must make sure to integrate it with the existing décor of your home regardless of the room to get a visually aesthetic appearance. Selecting a richer darker shade of wall tiles than that used on the floorings would make for a better visual impact.

3. Let the wall tiles do the talking: We are suggesting you to try something bold and creative. With the right tiles, the risk of going wrong is reduced to a great level. Wall tiles dictating the entire pattern of the room could be great in creating a visual appeal. Always remember the right wall tiles when blended creatively with the colors can make for an all together new look be it contemporary or vintage.

4. Textures: Textures of the tiles adorning your walls must be chosen with great care for a number of reasons. Without good textured tiles, the decor can look insipid and bland. We are sure you would not want that in any case. Think beyond the smooth wall tiles as you have innumerable options to choose from.

5. Move away from conventions: Why would you go for something that conventional? Metallic finishes, textured ceramic tiles, wood looking planks and natural stone textured tiles can all be used to create something absolutely gorgeous. Keep in mind the furniture while choosing this. For example, a seating area with sophisticated furniture could have glass mosaic textured tiles behind it for a softer appeal. Likewise, the area around the fireplace could have rugged stone tiles in sync with the dissimilarity and rugged texture and feel of the area.

6. Pleasing pattern: Make sure to choose eye-friendly patterns for wall tiles. It should not be very loud or blingy that screams attention.

7. Customize: If you want something exotic and unique in terms of the wall tiles, feel free to go the custom way. Patchwork quilt type tiles do the trick beautifully. Your personal preferences and sense of aesthetics should majorly decide tiles choice.

What tuxedos and bow-ties are to men’s wedding fashion is what wall tiles is to home décor and interior design; i.e. they never go out of fashion. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard by selecting something complex. Keep it simple and you’re golden!

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