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Posted by Ople Asension on March 30th, 2016

Disclaimer: The set is best in slot for offensive stats, not for defensive stats.

After spending some time researching and being surprised about the abundance of misinformation on both bladeandsouldojo and this sub, I decided to make this post. A lot of people are mistakenly under the impression that a mix between Scorpio and Yeti is BiS, mainly because of the information provided by Arbolito at:

Supposedly "DPS Kit 2", which is Scorpio 124 + Yeti 35678, is the best set to have for damage because of the presence of Scorpio 2 which has 230 crit, overshadowing Yeti 2's 98 crit. Except, most people forget that Yeti 8 set gives 161 crit, which more than makes up for the lacking "2" soulshield.

Furthermore, while with Yeti 8 you lose 161 accuracy, you get 376 piercing in return, which should come in handy against higher lvl content or new patches.

You can use Praetor's spreadsheet for reference. It has a much easier layout for stat comparisons.

EDIT: Made a slight mistake with accuracy calculations. Scorpio mix gives 161 more accuracy, not 1. So it's 161 accuracy against 376 piercing and 29 crit. Make your decision based on what you need more. If you already have 120% accuracy don't go scorpio mix.

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