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Posted by esogoldforsale on March 30th, 2016

  A new "Warcraft" TV spot teeming with new footage from the much-awaited film has made its way to the Internet. The one-minute trailer proves that the "WOW Gold" adaptation is certainly something to look forward to.

  In the clip, fans get a better look at the kingdom of Azeroth and the conflicting parties. There's a fine glimpse of the Orcs' realm and the creatures they co-exist with. Orcs other than the mighty (and not to mention realistic) Durotan also gets a streak of the spotlight.

  There's also a glimpse of the Humans' territory in the "Warcraft" TV spot, which gives a bird's eye view of the army. The relationship between Azeroth knight champion Anduin Lothar and spymistress Garona is also shown.

  Of course, the "Warcraft" clip gives a foretaste of the brewing warfare, which will be the central theme of the film. There's a scene in the video showing the battalions from each side charging into each other into what will be a fast-paced, blood-spattered battle.

  The more exciting thing about this "Warcraft" TV spot is that it gives fans a quick good look at Medivh, the powerful Guardian of Tirisfal played by Ben Foster. "World of Warcraft" fans will also recognize Khadgar and Karos in the clip.

  In previous TV spots and trailers, fans were treated to a glimpse of the evil power-greedy Gul'dan as well as fan-favorite weaponmaster Blackhand.

  The "Warcraft" movie follows long-time rivals Durotan and Anduin teaming up to ward off a new threat capable to put the world to its end.

  The latter knows that the former is not someone he can easily trust but in the end, they learn to settle their differences for a more important mission. Of course, not everyone will be thrilled about this new alliance.

  The "Buy wow gold" movie hits the silver screen on June 10.

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