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Posted by ricky26 on March 30th, 2016

An elevator is one such machine that greatly helps reduce human efforts by enabling easy access and mobility to different floors of a multi leveled building. Elevators (מעליות) are usually used in multistoried buildings for carrying goods and people from one floor to the other. These machines make use of a rotating motor, which can rotate in both the directions, and a shaft or high magnetic field in order to move vertically up and down. These days, elevators have become very common in shopping malls, multistoried hotels, commercial and residential complexes because of their multiple advantages.

There are several other advantages of using an elevator (מעלית). The elevators are very convenient, especially for physically disabled people as these machines make it easier for them to access different floors of a building which otherwise would have been impossible. Also, lifts and elevators are mostly used in construction fields as they make it easy to lift heavy materials and goods. Another advantage which elevators serve is that they make it convenient for a pregnant woman and old aged people, who face difficulties while climbing stairs.

Nowadays, elevators and escalators come in different designs and uncommon shapes, which can be especially seen in shopping malls. Elevators with glass doors, sliding doors, two way doors, abstract design doors and of various other shapes including capsule shape, cylindrical, cubical and pyramid shape are very commonly used. The main purpose is to provide comfort, ease and convenience to people. Modern lifts also come with good security facilities like stop button, which can be used to stop the lift at any point of time in case of emergency. Elevators are also provided with emergency lights and rechargeable batteries to avoid inconvenience in case of power failure.

These days, there are certain dedicated companies which you can hire if you too want to have an elevator installed in your house or business premises. AL-RED Engineering Elevators Ltd. is one such company that specializes in manufacturing, installation, maintenance and reconditioning of commercial, residential and industrial escalators and elevators.

About AL-RED Engineering Elevators Ltd.

AL-RED Engineering Elevators Ltd. is one of the best and leading elevators companies (חברות מעליות) that provide best-in-class installation and repairing services of elevators of all kinds. To know more, you can visit

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