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Advantages of Government Jobs

Posted by mariaholmes on March 30th, 2016

Now-a-days young generation is not that much interested in Government jobs. There is a whole lot of buzz around entrepreneurship. But, launching your own business is not everyone's cup of tea. Still a large amount of people are aspiring for a Government job, no matter how small is the position in comparison to the level if education they got. Why...?

Well, every coin got two sides, so does a Government job or Sarkari Naukri. Let's see the picture from a positive side.

ADVANTAGE.1: Every month a FIXED salary, on time.

                             A monthly source of income brings surety of paying bills. You can rely on a source for basic needs                             like food, cloth and a roof over your head and your family. For a lower, middle or upper middle class family, it means a lot.

ADVANTAGE.2: A lot of free time.

                             Most government jobs give you a plenty of free time in your hands for doing other things. You can spend time with family and friends; enjoy festivals, a movie, etc. You can even work on a old Hobby of yours or start working on a secondary source of income like a small business or freelancing over the web.

ADVANTAGE.3: Skill is a word you need not to worry about.

                             Well, generally, you need good set of Skills only if you are sitting in a Top position job. The hardest part of a Government Job is getting one. Once you passed that hurdle, everything is just fine. You can just sit back and relax. Whatever skill you need to possess for the job, government will teach you that through their own Training Programs while paying you or you can learn them yourself in the future or whenever the necessity arrives.

ADVANTAGE.4: Allowances, Allowances, Allowances. A lot of Allowances.

                             Not just your basics needs, your extras are also covered here. From Dearness Allowance (DA) to Travel Allowance (TA), your all (well, most) extra expenditure is subsidized by the Government. Not even a inflation of high level can come between you and your allowances.

ADVANTAGE.5: Tension free life till death.

                             Government job just not pay till you do the job. Even after the Retirement, Government job can take CARE of you. Get pension till the sweet release of your life. No fear about the future after retirement, no worries or relying on kids for 'who will take care of you when you are old'.


ADVANTAGE.6: Free Housing.

                            Most Government Jobs provide you a House to live in. Say Goodbye to worries about paying mortgage or rent. Until and unless someone is born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth, free Housing facility is nothing short of finding a 'Golden Eggs laying Hen', in today's economy.

ADVANTAGE.7: Free HealthCare.

                           Most Government jobs Provide free Health Care or give high amount of concessions on Bills. Now-a-days, any treatment or any little visit to a modern hospital can create a really scary bill to pay. But don't worry, Government owned hospitals can give upto 100% discount, while charges occurred during a treatment in Private Hospital can be also reduced upto 100% too. Amount of concession depends on level of your position and the kind of different medical plans your Government job is providing you.

ADVANTAGE.8: Vacations.

                             Ah, the sweetness in the word 'Vacation' is something we all love. And when vacation turns plural, it's just awesome. Plenty of time to enjoy festivals without worrying about boss dancing on your head or piles of files on your desk.

ADVANTAGE.9: Easy Financial Services.

                             It's not just raining benefits in the kingdom of your Government Job. Benefits for a Government job employee is everywhere. Want a loan for something, easily available and approved for you, just because you work for the Government. From Mobile phone to Credit card companies, you will be requested to use their services.

ADVANTAGE.10: Security in Life = Peace in Mind.

                                 All the above mentioned advantages will certainly give you social security in life which is ultimate   peace of mind. You can actually enjoy your life, a little more.

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