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Posted by Awakening Wellness on July 24th, 2021

Depression can be defined as a classified mood disorder describing the feelings of loss, sadness, anger that may interfere with the regular activities of an individual. It is a fairly common disorder as the CDC- The Centers for disease control and prevention, estimated that approximately 8.1& of Indian adults between the age of 20 and over, may have had the symptoms of depression in any given 2-week period from 2013 to 2016. Mostly common among the metro cities as due to their rush and busy schedules, in the past decade there have been many openings of depression treatment center in New Delhi region. People do experience depression in various ways, interfering in their daily work which results in loss of time and also increases the verge of lower productivity. Many depression treatment center in New Delhi believe that this situation can also influence your relationships and can call out to several chronic health conditions. Some of the people who already have contracted these below mentioned diseases, may have the depression disorder, things may turn on a worst situation table for them. They are as follows:

  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity

It is therefore very important to realize that feeling down at times in your life is a very normal part as sad and upsetting events do occur in everyone’s life, however if you are feeling low or hopeless on a regular note, it could be signs of depression. Many depression treatment center in New Delhi, have considered depression to be a very serious medical condition which can eventually get worse without a proper treatment. If one has started their treatment process, they will definitely see improvements in their life.

Following are the symptoms of depression seen in Men and Women. They are as follows:


  • Feelings of anger, aggressiveness, irritability, restlessness and anxiousness.
  • Being emotional at times, feeling completely empty, sad and hopeless.
  • Change in behaviour, such as loss of interest, not finding pleasure in their favorite activities, always feeling tired, frequent thoughts of suicide, excess drinking or using of drugs and also engaging in high-risk activities.
  • Increase in sexual interest, or decrease in sexual desire and even lack of sexual performance.
  • Having cognitive abilities such as inability to concentrate with difficult completing tasks and also having delayed responses during conversations.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns including restless sleep nights, insomnia, excessive sleepiness or not sleeping through the night.
  • Physical problems such as headaches, digestive problems, fatigueness etc.


  • Change in mood such as irritability and anger.
  • Emotional mood changes such as feelings of emptiness and, as, being hopeless or anxious.
  • Change in behavior such as loss of interest in activities and withdrawal from social engagements and also thoughts of committing suicide.
  • Cognitive ability changes such as slowly talking and thinking.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns such as difficulty in sleeping throughout the night, waking way too early or sleeping too much.

Change in physical well being including decreased energy, increased fatigueness change in appetite, change in weight, stomach aches, pain in the muscles at all times, increased headaches, increased cramps etc.

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