Critical Take on Porter Cable 7415 5-Speed Router

Posted by henrywilsonn14 on March 30th, 2016

The Porter Cable 7518 is a strong router, however you ought to consider their focal points and disadvantages precisely before you purchase. I lean towards these routers because Porter Cable router parts can be bought for repairs if there is a problem down the road.

First you need to understand what Ampere rating means for routers. If a router is specified for 15 Ampere, it doesn’t mean that it will consistently draw 15 Amperes for operation. Rather it tells the top power draw a router is capable of without getting overheated and creating other problems. With smaller bits, 15 Ampere will never be drawn.

As handheld routers, they are brutes, yet that is valid for each of the 15 Ampere routers. They weigh around 12.5 lbs, and utilizing them is verging on like working out. That might be what you require in a creation domain, where you'll beat the router to hell, yet it's a pointless excess for a home shop. For handheld utilize a 12 Ampere router is more than enough. The essential application for a 15 Ampere router is board raising with substantial bits, an operation that ought to never be performed hand-held.

The major reason the vast majority of us would purchase one of these routers is to utilize it under a router table. As I would like to think, the most ideal approach to do that is to mount the engine in a router lift gadget. This empowers you to conform to the router range from over the table, without lifting the router and router plate out of the table top or attempting to work under the table. I prescribe a router lift that can raise the collet over the table top to streamline bit changes.

Indeed, even in a router table, you require 15 Ampere just in case you're routinely turning bits bigger than around 2 inches, which are generally flat board raisers. A 12 Ampere router is fine for most router table use but it won't keep going as long in case you're utilizing bigger bits.

Porter Cable ought to be embarrassed for their unwillingness to use any research and development on the 7518. These days, each router has a self-separating collet, yet these are the main routers I realize that don't have a locking shaft and hence require two wrenches for bit change. Porter Cable's most recent 2 1/4 horse router has an auto-locking collet, so how low end is the one that doesn't lock by any means? I'd additionally impact their affordability for excluding a 1/4 inch collet. The area of the force router on top of the engine lodging can be cumbersome, since you need to expel one hand from the handles to cycle power.

At the point when utilizing the supplied base, the conformity system requires turning the aluminum encased engine lodging inside a gigantic aluminum sink the base. Few specialists would plan with aluminum sliding on aluminum, especially when the surfaces can't be greased up. Operation is unpleasant and ungainly, especially under a router table. There's nothing to keep dust out of the change system, so the aluminum screw can gather coarseness, and under compelling conditions can stick. A router lift bypasses every one of these issues.

In rundown, I suggest that you consider the 7518 just in the event that you'll be mounting the engines in a router lift. On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend the cash on a router lift, consider one of the more up to date routers that has worked in above-table change. On the off chance that you need a solitary router for use in router table and handheld; you can purchase a multi-base pack to make it simple to router capacities. It is extremely tedious to change over a table-mounted router to handheld use when the router is screwed to the router plate. offers you to buy Porter Cable repair parts, Porter Cable air compressor parts and Porter Cable router parts online.

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