Ways To Increase The Longevity Of Floor Tiles.

Posted by Edward on March 30th, 2016

Tiles are a significant investment for your home. It is therefore important for tiles to do some value addition to the home because of the sheer time and money that goes in the entire process. It might sound herculean but actually maintaining the longevity of floor tiles is not that complex. A few simple steps can help you increase the floor tiles longevity. Have a look:

  •          Regular cleaning has no substitute: It goes without saying that floor tiles are susceptible to a lot of dirt therefore to both increase the aesthetic value of the tiles as well as to keep your home clean, it is necessary to clean it regularly. A simple fluffy wet dust mop or vacuum can do the task quite well.
  •          Cleaning Tips: To maintain the health and shine of the tiles, make sure to mop it with warm water at least once a week. This should be followed by a quick drying session so as to not give time to dirt to settle down. At times, opt for deep cleaning options like vinegar or lemon with warm water. Grout cleaning is another very important cleaning regime for floor tiles.
  •          Doormats: These are a must have accessory for your home especially in areas that have tiles. This is because people coming and going are bound to have muddy footwear which becomes too evident on floor tiles. Doormats act as a cushion between the mud or snow and the tiles.


  •          Repairs: A lot of times you would have to get the tiles repaired, if they are not completely damaged. Porcelain and ceramic tiles can be cleaned well with an easily available scratch repair kit. Get in touch with your tile manufacturer to get the kit. Toothpaste or brass polishes are other options of great utilitarian value.
  •          Prevention is better than cure: Tiles can be an expensive investment and this calls for special care. Before cleaning the full area of tiles, always make sure to test scouring powders and sealants so as to see if it is in sync with the tile type.
  •          Replacement: There could be some tiles that are beyond repair. Therefore, get in touch with tile companies to get such tiles completely replaced lest they become a source of larger damage.
  •          Protection: Vitrified tiles demand special care because of the heavy furniture that is placed over it. Therefore, do not forget to invest in good cushioning options like good quality floor mats or protective and cushioning pads under heavy furniture. This acts as a mediatory protective layer for the furniture.
  •          What not to use: There are certain products that are a strict ‘no’ for tiles and especially floor tiles that are extremely visible all the time. These include acid, bleach, wax based cleaners, metal scouring pads and the likes. It makes good common sense to care for your heavy investments as you wouldn’t get to re-tile your floor anytime soon.
  •          One cleaning methodology doesn’t fit all tile types: Different varieties of tiles need different care for longevity. For instance, bathroom tiles need deep cleaning more regularly as opposed to the delicate bedroom floor tiles.

Overall, floor tiles require regular care for maintenance. We would advise to stick to the basics for best results. Also, don’t forget to take cleaning and maintenance tips from the tile companies at the time of buying the tiles. The more research you do, the better it will be. Whatever you choose, just don’t pick anything whilst keeping your budget as the top most priority; opt for durability and longevity instead.

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