Rehabs in the Drug Capital of India

Posted by Awakening Rehab on July 25th, 2021

Capital of India, and also known as the Drug Capital of India, the city of New Delhi, have a list of pros and cons hidden in its history. Creating a major impact right before the Mughal dynasty, today it is the powerhouse of Indian politicians and also the house of carrying a big chain of network smuggling of drugs and alcohols. Oftenly we hear about rage parties and meetings having drugs and alcohol inside with police carrying away their investigation and the area is around the terrain of New Delhi. As the sudden increase of drug and alcohol consumption has increased in the New Delhi sector region, manyrehabs in New Delhi, been opened due to a surge of news and headlines reported in relation to this major issue.

There are more than 100 major rehabs in New Delhi region, where these rehabs in New Delhi help people to manage their consumption over drugs, alcohols and even other types of addiction issues, rehabilitating them via very careful planning. The rehabs include specialists with psychiatrists, experienced and certified therapists, psychologists, experienced service providers and even other team members working together to provide the intense recovery required for every patient of substance abuse and even related to the other psychiatric disorders, getting rid of addictions such as binge drinking, chronic drinking, smoking, drug consumption, alcoholism etc. Just like any other metro city, New Delhi people also face stress due to their busy lifestyle factors, and between all this rushes, they try to find solace, however some end up in these rehabilitation centers.

The addiction treatment program is thoroughly composed of individual therapy, counseling sessions and also has physical and mental health activities for an overall recovery point with joint rehabilitation centers in all over the New Delhi region. Apart from these sessions, these rehabs in New Delhi, also involves schedules of in-person training, coping skills, yoga, meditation, art and drama therapies, swimming and much more which not only helps the patient to stay active, but also provides them with a fun-filled activity session to keep their mind distracted from getting cravings.

Many of the rehabs in New Delhi, also allow the families to explore the rehab centers at first, witness the activities, show them how hard the people work here providing their efforts and building a certain compassion to build hope and restore peace in their loved ones. Using some of the best-in-class treatment facilities to treat the patients and help them to be fit and making a swift transition for them, the team of professionals have years of experience with a trust and promise in their heart to make your loved ones back to being active, fitted and free from any harmful addictive consumption.

Also, some of the rehabs in New Delhi region provide advanced detox facilities with specialized hospital treatments, for very severe and damaged cases where patients are required to get proper care and treatment. These hospitals are also equipped with sophisticated psychological assessments with specialized and high laboratory facilities.


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