3 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Bird Food for Your Feathery Friend

Posted by Brenda Ana on July 27th, 2021

Bird food isn’t something new. Since people started raising birds and keeping them either for company or sport, bird seed has been one of the most important things when it comes to the birds wellbeing. That is why people should understand that feeding birds anything else than specially created food for them can seriously harm their winged friends. Ideally, before going out and buying any bulk package of food for your bird that you can find, you should do a little research and understand not only why you should buy him special food, but also what kind of special food.

Why Is a Bird Seed Diet Important for Your Winged Companion?

People often think that birds can eat anything. From seagulls swooping onto unsuspecting people and stealing their churros to pigeons flying off with discarded fries, birds in the wild have to make do with the things they are provided with. Maybe this is the reason why people thing that feeding the ducks in the pond some bread is such a wholesome and good idea. But actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that birds need a very carefully balanced diet. Their bodies and digestive systems aren’t equipped to digest anything they find laying around or people throw at them. That is why carrying for your pet bird is such an important matter.

Contrary to what kindergarten kids might think, <a href="https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/bird-seed">bird seed</a> isn’t the thing one can plant in the ground and grow a bird out of. Actually bird seed are a very carefully created blend of various seeds that can be used in order to allow your pet parrot or canary to have a healthy diet and a healthy life altogether. Birds are very susceptible to changes in their diets. That is why this special blend of seeds helps them have all the right mineral and protein intake they need in order to keep fit and have a healthy digestive system. But it doesn’t just keep their digestive tracts in working order. The correct blend can even improve overall energy levels and even help boost immunity to all sorts of diseases and parasites.

Some people might think that bird seed is just some random seeds bunched up together in a plastic bag and sold to bird owners. Granted, some seeds might be lower in quality, but most of them are carefully prepared blends that are meant to be fed to a certain species. That is because, just like humans, birds can have allergies or can struggle to swallow various foods. For instance, not all birds can break open seed shells. That means that some unlucky birdie might choke on a seed and have serious problems. That is why it is important to match the right kind of seeds with the bird you have. This might be hard, especially for first time bird owners. That is why you shouldn’t start your aviary with rare and exotic birds before doing some serious research regarding the needs of each species you’re interested in.

Granted, some birds, such as large preying birds, can’t have a diet exclusively consisting of bird seed. In this case the seeds are used in order to balance out any large intake of protein or fat. Some seeds can be even used for birds that have special medical requirements. For instance, the diet the bird has can heavily influence their molting periods and their skin. This is why special blends exist, that compensate any kind of low vitamin levels or other deficiencies. Also, seeds can be an easy way of making sure that your feathery friends have correctly portioned meals. Birds sometimes might eat more than they should. That can lead to more problems down the road, besides just gaining weight. A seed based diet helps any owner be able to control how much his bird is eating and when.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Bird Food for Your Feathery Friend

Longtime bird owners know that <a href="https://www.petshopdirect.com.au/shop/category/premium-bird-foods">bird food</a> is the right way to go always, when it comes to their pets. That is because special food for birds are created in order to protect their pets and help them live long and healthy lives. Granted, sometimes it might seem cheaper or faster to just crumble a piece of day-old bread in their cage, but that is most certainly not a long term and healthy solution.

The main reasons why special food for birds is recommended are:
- Bird food is designed to help your birdie have a healthy life in different stages of it. Just like people birds need special attention in different stages of their lives. That means that the diet a newly hatched chick has is way different than what an elderly bird needs. Starting from consistency and all the way down to the added vitamins and minerals, birds need different things at different ages. Simply putting a couple of chopped up worms in their cage just might not do.
- Bird food comes in a variety of tastes. Sure, not many birds are on the board that gives out Michelin stars, but for those who are concerned about feeding their pets the same thing over and over again, they should know that there are various flavors on the market. So put away that stale bread roll and pop down to your local pet shop and pick up something new for your pet. Diversity, especially in their diet, is important for them too. This way they can develop tastes and even let you know if they like a certain brand of food or not.
- Bird food isn’t that expensive. Granted, some special blends or certain brands can be pricey, but regular bird food is really quite affordable for any bird owner. This is why one should always consider this as a more viable alternative to sharing various human foods with the birds and potentially making them sick.

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