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Posted by Jessica Parker on March 31st, 2016

The is an IPv4 address and it is widely utilized as a default IP address in most of the routers and modems. Branded routers will make use of this IP address in high range. If you have queries or doubts regarding the usage of IP, you can refer it in the online. Many router manufacturers will use this IP address as a default address for private access. When you use the router with this private IP address, you can remain in a secured network. Third party users will never hack your internet connection as it is secured with confidential username and password. The can also be used in the local networks. You want to make sure that network is not united to any other modem or router with the same IP. Before purchasing the router, you have to decide your requirements and budget. After that, you can find the desired one as per your needs.

Common usage of IP address

When two networks access the same IP address, it will end up with conflicts. An IP address is turns out be private to stay away from the lack of IP address availability. Manufacturer will install the IP address on modem and router. If you want to change the default IP address, you want to make use of instructions available in the user manual. You can modify the default address to any required address without any hassles. If you spend little time to read the user’s manual, you can discover all effective features of router. Using the instructions, you want to setup the IP address of your router after the purchase. The type and brand of router is not considered to be important in the case of private IP address. IPv4 is the most popular protocol that is widely used in all types of wireless routers. Router with private address is highly used in home networks to remain in secured internet connection.

o   The IP address is private as it resides in certain IP range.

o   It is possible to change the default IP address with the help of manual instructions.

Things that you want to do for accessing the router

The router’s IP address is set by the manufacturer for the benefits of users. If you browse in the private network, you can stay away from the hassles of security issues. No one can access your internet connection as it is protected by means of confidential username and password. If you face any troubles to access your router, you can find the appropriate solutions in the online. First, you want to verify the IP address of your router. Then, you want to check the connected cables to make sure about any damage. If you cannot fix the issues, you can seek the help of professional network administrator. Try to reset your computer and router so that you can easily access the router without facing any troubles.

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