A Complete Guide on Various Types of Loft Conversions Hampton Services

Posted by Brian Miller on March 31st, 2016

If you want your home look spacious, then loft conversions are the best way to achieve it. It will increase the space of your home without damaging any wall during the construction process. Most of the loft conversions Hampton companies provide four types of conversions. These are Velux, Mansard, Dormer, and Hip to Gable. However, you cannot pick anyone of them and ask your loft conversions Twickenham company to do it for you. Each of these types is different from its counterpart. Though you can tell them what type you prefer the most but it is the company who will determine whether that design will go with the structure of the building and the available space.

The mansard design consists of a flat roof that has a back slope facing inwards at an angle of 720. It has two closed double slopes. If you prefer this type of conversion, then you may require planning permission as the workers have to change the roof structure to a great extent. The space of your room will be increased by tenfold with mansard loft. It is usually pretty penny and requires a lot of construction work. The partition walls that are raised on both sides of the loft are mostly composed of bricks. As such, the walls perfectly match the exterior appearance of the house.

The velux conversions by the renowned loft conversions Hampton companies are done in such a way that the lines of the roof perfectly align with the attic. This kind of loft conversion is affordable as it doesn’t involve extensive alteration of the roofs. Moreover, it will not go beyond the original roofline and hence, eliminate the need to get permission from the local planning authority. You will find these lofts mainly in houses that have adequate headroom. It can be easily constructed and once completed it will not be easily damaged by bad weather and other natural calamities. Unlike other loft conversions, as the windows here are not installed in a vertical direction, you will be able to enjoy huge amount of sunlight from its roof-angled windows.

The dormer lofts consist of a vertical wall which stands on the sloping roof. This vertical wall has a flat roof and creates additional headroom and floor. You don’t need any planning permission to construct this type of lofts. It can be constructed with ease on almost every type of building. Moreover, these conversions facilitate the ideal fitting of the staircase.

Hip to Gable
The loft conversions Twickenham companies construct hip to gable lofts to maximize the small space of the building with hipped roofs. They change the hipped roof side into a roof with even gable end. The roof will have 3 individual slanted sides. It will perfectly match the already existing aspects of your house making your home aesthetically appealing to others. However, you may need permission from the planning body of your area to construct it.

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