Is Your Room Suitable for Getting Loft Conversions Thames Ditton Services?

Posted by Brian Miller on March 31st, 2016

Before you approach the various renowned companies of loft conversions Thames Ditton to add the required space to your small room, you have to find out whether your room is suitable for such a conversion or not. Get assistance from a contractor who will help you in drawing the plan for the construction of the loft. Also, contact the local planning authority to know about the building rules and regulations and to get planning permission from them. If you are unable to take the decision yourself, then rely on the good loft conversions Twickenham companies who will see the construction of your room and then let you know whether you could go for loft or not.

Many people start doing the construction and when it is half-completed they realize that the loft is not at all going with the structure of their houses. These people then have to face serious consequences. So, it’s always better to find out beforehand whether loft conversion is the way for you to go.

The professionals of loft conversions Thames Ditton companies will carry out an uncomplicated job to find it out. First of all, they will have a look at the houses in your surroundings to see whether any of your neighbors has sported the mansard or velux loft. If they fail to get one such, then it means that the planning authority of your area is strictly against such constructions. They will communicate directly with the local authorities to know the reason of restriction. Don’t get upset as these companies have architect who can convince the local bodies to give you permission regarding the construction of the loft.

If the height of the loft is creating the main issue, an experienced architect can give you effective solution. Any attic that has a height of about 2meters can be easily constructed in the room without many changes. Even the loft with low height can be made but you have to pick a good builder who will accomplish it with perfection.

They may lower the ceiling of the exiting floor to the top of the pre-existing windows in order to heighten the ridge. The professionals can perform these tasks only with the due permission of the planning body. Generally, the permission is given only when the height of the ridge is in perfect alignment with the ridges of the surrounding houses.

The good loft conversions Twickenham companies will also check the structure of the roof of your house and then decide what type of loft will e best for your house. It is a well-known fact that converting purlin style roof and traditional rafter is bit easier as compared to the conversion of modern trussed roof. All the buildings that were constructed before 1960 have traditional rafter roof. However, it doesn’t mean that lofts cannot be constructed on such roofs.

They will also consider the headroom before starting their job. There’s no use of having a loft if you have to walk in that room hunchbacked. So, it’s better to go for a loft only if the room has enough headroom.

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