Ten questions you need to know for every interview

Posted by Moe on July 27th, 2021

Ten questions you need to know for every interview; on many occasions, highly qualified professionals neglect details that are appreciated in any work environment. A good atmosphere, a correct organization, and good treatment always make a difference within a company. At our Career In Consulting Agency, we are experts in finding people with values ​​for companies, capable of integrating into the structure of any organization. And through the right questions, those characteristics can be known.

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We also help any consultant interested to work for consulting firms to prepare a professional and unique consulting cover letter in order to increase his/her chances to reach the interviewing stage. 

Prior preparation for an interview helps the candidate to be more prepared, that is why we have ten questions that are asked in most selection processes:

1. What do you know about the company?

Answering it honestly is positive. Nowadays, many consulting firms affirm that not knowing who the company is can imply a lack of interest in the job offered (San Google, which knows everything). However, it is true that you do not have to know it, so first of all it is appreciated the sincerity and indicating if you have heard of the hiring company or not.

2. What has been the most complex situation you have faced?

It is appreciated to know all the details of previous situations, but it is sought first of all to know the ability to assume failures and learn from them.

3. Why did you leave your previous job?

With this question, you want to know the candidate better and see what events or situations have marked the exit. This question is aimed at knowing how the evolution has been in the previous job and how the candidate's feelings have been.

4. Why do you want to change your position?

This question is directly aimed at finding out the motivations and the level of commitment. It is important to know the main characteristics of the company (sector, products, etc.), and to show interest in contributing your skills to the position offered.

5. Why have you been off work for so long?

Even if the time is allocated to personal projects, it is better to let the interviewer know. This will serve to show that you are a concerned and active person.

6. How do you prefer the work: individual or within a team?

Teamwork is important for many companies, since they are looking for specialized profiles, they need people who are able to integrate correctly into a team and work in the same direction. In these questions, it is necessary to qualify it adequately to demonstrate that it can contribute in both directions.

7. Do you know someone from this company?

If so, you can recognize it. Be honest, as it is not a problem to have arrived at the interview thanks to a "plug". The important thing is to be a qualified professional.

8. What do you think you can contribute to this organization?

In this question, what must be answered is about the strengths that one has, and link it to the most outstanding aspects with the needs of the position that the company needs to occupy.

9. What are your weak points?

It is important to prepare this answer as it is one of the questions that generate more confusion and nervousness. It is necessary to previously analyze competencies that feel less confident and think about ways to solve those weak points.

10. What are your salary expectations?

There is no exact answer and it is as negative to answer with a very high quantity as with a very low one. Whenever a figure stands out, it must be related to the functions that one contributes. Although, you can also investigate on your own how much is charged on average in a position similar to the one you aspire to. In any case, you can ask them to report the amounts that are shuffled.

Have you been asked any other difficult questions? If yes, then please share your experience with us in the comments below.


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