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Posted by Danyking on April 1st, 2016

Recently, the upcoming Warcraft Movie got a new minute long international trailer called “Trailer D”, finally showing the magic that will appear in the movie. Besides, Legendary Entertainment also offered a new poster titled “Warcraft: The Beginning” to firstly expose five warriors except for the previously revealed Durotan and Lothar. Check details on safewow - a reliable wow gold shop offers you with cheap wow gold, as well as useful wow news!

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New international trailer shows magic in the movie

A Warcraft fan named Tolkfan on Reddit discovered a high-quality version of the new international trailer. It's named "Trailer D" and it shows us a few new shots and some magic that will be showcased in the movie, notably Lothar and Garona holding hands, Khadgar deflecting a spell, an explosion from Karazhan, and our first close-up of Medivh. What’s nice is that the CGI has been cleaned up a little since the initial trailers, making it look more like what should be in a film rather than a 90s video game cut scene. You can check it below, but if you want to see how good the CGI is, you should really download it from the initial source.

New poster expose the five warriors for the first time

In addition to the new international trailer, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures have also a new poster that titled “Warcraft: The Beginning”. Different from the one showed in last November, this one shows more important characters. In the bottom of the poster are the big armies from the Horde and the Alliance. With distinct blue-and-red color contrast, the poster looks gorgeous.
Except for the two main characters, Durotan and Lothar for two different factions, the most striking element is the first exposure of five important characters, who from left to right, are the Orgrim that carrying the Doomhammer, King Llane with a sword in hands, Grim-faced Garona, Khadgar that is working his magic, and the Medivh who only appears a side face.

Warcraft movie will be due out in theaters on May 25 (EU) and June 10 (NA) of this year. Stay tuned and come to safewow for more up-to-date information in case there is some. Of course, here you can also buy cheapest wow gold or wow mounts for the great World of Warcraft!

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