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Posted by Ople Asension on April 1st, 2016

In the medical mission, Amherst’s Apartment, you’ll be battling against the Cleaners again as you work to extract an item from the apartment while fending off hostile forces. This is another one of the shorter missions in the game, allowing you to quickly move through it, pick up your experience points and get on to the next mission.

By completing this mission, you stand to earn a significant amount of XP, new virus reports, and Medical Wing Supplies used for upgrading your Base of Operations. Keep in mind that playing this mission with additional teammates may increase the number of challenging enemies you will face throughout the mission, so come prepared.

Investigate Amherst’s Apartment
Begin this quest by opening your map and selecting the Amherst’s Apartment story mission. This places a waypoint marker on your map that you can follow to Hell’s Kitchen. Try to be near the recommended level for the mission to ensure you are ready for the fight ahead.

Secure the Entrance to the Building
As you enter the gate to the apartment building, prepare to face a handful of Cleaners. Eliminate the hostiles to secure the apartment entrance. Keep in mind that you can always shoot the gas canisters on the backs of each Cleaner to make them go out with a bang.

Reach Amherst’s Apartment
Amherst’s apartment is across the courtyard. Resupply your ammo at the Restock crate near the hopscotch drawing, then head toward the marked location within the lower level of the building.

Be sure to loot the fenced rooms throughout the basement, as there is a loot crate containing a weapon in one of these fenced sections. Continue following the objective marker through the basement corridors until you reach a staircase leading back up to the top level on the opposite side. You’ll encounter another set of Cleaners outside, including an elite and several heavily armored foes. Be ready to take them out.

Climb the ledges at the corner of the building to reach the fire escape. Ascend the fire escape staircase, and climb through an open window into an apartment at the top. Loot the refrigerator on the left, and proceed into the apartment. Search the nearby bedroom for a loot container, then head upstairs to reach Amherst’s studio.(To be continued)

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