There was no doubt that players in the actual bleeding edge PvE raid guilds

Posted by Megaomgchen on July 28th, 2021

There was no doubt that players in the actual bleeding edge PvE raid guilds or PvPers who truly were looking to WOW TBC Classic Gold gain every advantage they could get would take advantage of that, but they were a mere 0.1% or less of the player base.

This wasn't an issue for anyone else. Of course, it could have looked like much more, if you actually were among this relatively very few people.

Ask yourself this question: Which WoW vanilla player would you choose? The hot night elf with a sexy look or the ugly orc? If you're able to remember where the Bloodelves were put to balance the whole The answer is clear.

Yeah, in 2005 most servers seemed to be around 60/40 Alliance. Why? I believe the reason was that the population in the past was less innocent and casual (aka focused more on the fantasy of characters than analyzing metagames in pvp). People preferred alliance because it seemed more relatable and wanted heroic good guys like in Lord of the Rings. It was much easier to be a monster "bad guy" or a zombie than it was to want to be that. But I do remember Will of the Forsaken being something of a major issue, and horde being more pvp focused. It wasn't a big deal. It was well-known that horde had higher pvp racials, it was not really an issue.

It's likely to be a lot better with TBC and buy TBC Classic Gold more zones but when it was the classic game PvP, open-world and leveling was a complete nightmare for Alliance players on PVP servers. With the horde-vs-horde queues, there is no reason for meta players (majority of players, not the majority of players) to join Alliance.

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