Is laser treatment really good for facial hair removal?

Posted by Aaeesha on April 1st, 2016

A HR professional working in a private company, Suparna had to meet lots of people on a daily basis. So she had to look her best every single day. Being a people’s person, she loved meeting new people and even felt comfortable communicating with strangers. The only difficulty she had was to maintain the appearance of a sophisticated suave professional. Suparna’s big problem was excess growth of facial hair. She would go for painful waxing sessions almost every other week to remove the excess hair on her face. In her hectic schedule, Suparna found it very difficult to maintain her bi-weekly parlor sessions. So, she wanted to go for a permanent solution. That’s when she decided to go to a dermatologist. 

When Suparna met the dermatologist, she was advised to take up laser treatment for hair removal. This advanced treatment technique gives better and longer-lasting results compared to the other commonly used methods. This hair removal treatment involves the use of laser to remove the hair from the roots. The cells in the root of the hair are killed by the high-intensity light so that there is no regrowth. This treatment is preferable as it can be done even on a very small area such as the upper lip. The laser beam can be concentrated only on that particular spot so even the area next to that spot is not affected. 

After she read up on all the details of hair removal laser treatment, Suparna decided to take up the treatment. However, she had to carefully plan the treatment schedule as she had to take proper rest before and after the treatment. The actual treatment time was very less, but she was asked to take up many sittings. Elongating the treatment over many sittings ensures that the skin is not harmed and that there are no serious side effects of taking up the hair removal treatment. After the treatment she needed to take rest at home for a few days as the skin looked like it was sun burnt. Plus, she had slight burning and irritation feel in the area where the laser treatment was done. She applied ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams to reduce the skin irritation. 

Soon, Suparna was back to work, looking more beautiful and feeling more confident. As she had taken the necessary precautions and followed the dermatologist’s instructions, she didn’t have too many after-effects. Her laser treatment for hair removal has given her a confidence boost and improved her self-worth. Now what do you say? Is it safe and worthy enough to take up laser treatment for hair removal?

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