Black Desert Online Getting New Classes ?Very Soon?

Posted by tong on April 1st, 2016

This morning Daum Games Europe announced that tomorrow the western version of Black Desert Online is going to receive its first expansion, bringing the realm of Mediah and a sizable increase in world size and content.

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In the orginal Korean edition, the release of Mediah was immediately followed by the first new classes, Blader and Plum, which are basically a mix between a samurai and a Korean warrior wielding sword and bow. In Russia, the two classes (which are the male and female versions of each other, but differ slightly in skills) were released together with Mediah.

Since there was no mention of their implementation in today’s announcement, we reached out to Daum’s marketing manager to hear if we can expect new classes as well, or if we have to wait longer. While he did not give a specific release date, he mentioned that new classes won’t come with Mediah, but will be implemented “very soon.”

It’s worth mentioning that in an earlier Q&A, Daum Games mentioned that new classes might not come in the same order as their original Korean release, so we shouldn’t assume that Blader and Plum will be the first to be released. It’s entirely possible for the other pair, Ninja and Kunoichi, to be released first.

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