Equine Therapy's Benefits: Five Things Only A Horse Can Offer

Posted by michellumb55 on July 28th, 2021

Recreational Riding is thrilling, but there's something more meaningful about it. As a result, many mental health specialists advocate for the use of equine therapy. It encourages people to take a fresh look at themselves and the world around them. With the help of horse therapy, people who have tried to make development or fulfill their therapeutic interventions have made considerable strides. Many of the advantages of equine therapy have been proven via research. It reduces blood pressure as well as heart rate, relieves tension, and alleviates anxiety and depression signs. Equine therapy is also beneficial to persons who are suffering from addictions or mental illnesses. Horses are better at teaching a variety of life skills than humans are. This is the main advantage of employing equine therapy with those who are suffering from mental illness or addictions.

Feelings: Understanding And Managing

Many people suffering from addictions, traumas, and other emotional problems have no idea how to deal with their emotions. They may turn to narcotics to dull their misery, anger, fear, or even delight. One of the very first steps in psychotherapy is learning to recognize, experience, and deal with their emotions. Horse therapy is a great technique to connect with one's emotions and thoughts. You don't use your thoughts to solve difficulties during equestrian therapy. Depending on your thoughts as an addict typically leads to denial, accusing others, or rationalizing your way out of a situation. Instead, you should feel and respond in the present with your body and heart. Horses have a remarkable ability to detect and respond to feelings. The horse may become recalcitrant if you are angry or upset. If you are nervous, the horse may become nervous as well. The horse, on the other hand, is more willing to respond courteously when addressed by someone who is open and relaxed. Observing the horse's reaction can help people become more self-aware and see themselves in a more critical manner.

Defining Limits

Interacting with a horse can reveal a person's unhelpful thinking and behavior habits. Experts draw parallels between the client's connection with the horse and the pattern in their own lives during an equine therapeutic relationship. There is an opportunity to address difficulties in their family such as entanglement and separation. Lessons could be as easy as determining how much bodily space the horse requires to feel at ease. Horses can tell when someone has breached their limits without saying anything. Attempting to influence or dominate a horse will not work. A detached or inactive approach, on the other hand, can make it very difficult to train a horse.


Horses are calm, gentle creatures. They are honest in their dealings and do not lie or manipulate others. People improve their abilities to form relationships and ask for assistance when they speak themselves. You will still learn something unique no matter the experience, 15 of those had equine therapy. Just by observing someone have a softening of the spirit or a moment that produces a new kind of exquisite bodily memory, you gain tenfold.

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