New Yahoo Mail Interface in Outlook For Fall 2013

Posted by Horn Crouch on July 28th, 2021

Yahoo! Mail is a widely used email service launched by the American internet company Yahoo! in September 1997, now a part of Verizon. Though the service is free, it has proven to be popular with users. The service offers two modes of accessing email: the Y!iami and Ymail(r) service.

According to Yahoo policy, any business can register for free and then create up to ten user accounts with Yahoo! Mail. When the user accounts are created, the user is required to register as a member, create a password, verify their email address, provide contact information and select the email account types. Users are also required to read and agree to the terms of services before they can proceed further.

According to Yahoo! Newsroom, Yahoo! will be discontinuing the yahoo mail(r) and yahoo mail(n) webmail interface in January of this year.

The discontinuation of the yahoo mail interface and new interface with Yahoo! is said to be part of Yahoo! revamping its current strategy in order to strengthen its presence on the web and stay ahead of the increasing trend of online shopping. Though there is no definite statement yet about when the new interface and the removal of the yahoo mail will take place, the possibility of this happening can be gauged from the fact that Yahoo! chief operating officer, Ken Werner, recently held a conference call to discuss the outlook of Yahoo!

During the call, Mr. yopmail indicated that the decision regarding the removal of yahoo mail will probably be implemented in the second half of this year. However, he did not share any details about when exactly the change will take place or what will be the reason behind it. In fact, Mr. Werner did not even mention yahoo's other email clients like Gmail or yahoo mailbox. Therefore, we can safely presume that the removal of yahoo mail will come as a result of the acquisition of Yahoo's rival; Google. According to Mr. Werner, the acquisition of yahoo would help Yahoo!

We can also presume that the removal of yahoo mail will be followed by the introduction of Gmail as an alternative email service. This will come at a time when Google is all set to introduce another major search engine to replace Google News. Therefore, the acquisition of yahoo would not come as a surprise anymore. However, we cannot take our eyes off the new yahoo mail interface which is expected to launch after the release of google iGoogle in autumn of this year.

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