What Air Conditioner to Buy: Best of 2021

Posted by tanjnipache on July 28th, 2021

When you get online to try and research a major purchase, does the technology section always seem overwhelming? The vast number of choices and every tech website giving you a different opinion on what works for you can make it tough to decide. But if you are here looking to buy a new AC, then you are in the right place. Here is all that you need to know about AC technology for a cool summer.

Twin Inverter Split AC

  • If being energy efficient is essential for you too, a 1.5-ton AC is a perfect choice. To look at maximum utilisation of energy, try to go for an air conditioner that comes with inverter technology.
  • How this works is that the fan and compressor both continue to work for as long as the AC is on. When a specified temperature is reached, both the devices slow down instead of switching off. This way, a particular temperature can be maintained. But because there is no alternating between on and off, there are no power spikes. This is what saves electricity.
  • Some Twin Inverter ACs consume only 857 KW annually, making the price point justified because of how much you save on electricity bills.

    Sensor Networks in Smart Air conditioners
  • The best air conditioners nowadays, depending upon the AC price, rely on a multi-faceted sensor technology for optimal cooling.
  • This can include image sensory technology which allows the device to read the location of the users within the room. The device can the direct its cooling towards the person.
  • Depending upon the technology, the AC can even read the number of people in the room and the level of activity. This allows for it to work in tandem to ensure effective cooling. So if you want to buy split air conditioners, this is a technology you can look for.

    4D Airflow and Wider Fan
  • If you are looking for air conditioners under 25k for a room that is smaller in size, then a 1-ton AC is what you need.
  • But this is no reason to compromise on the quality of cooling.
  • Most established brands of ACs have now switched from the traditional up and down swinging blades to a more 4D swing
  • This allows for the air conditioner to cool at a wider angle.
  • This effectively manoeuvrers cold air all across the room and helps with faster and more steady cooling.
  • With a more powerful fan, the evenness of the cooling makes for a very comfortable environment.
  • This helps maintain humidity and makes for a very comfortable space, especially on sticky afternoons.

    There are numerous ACs available in the market. It is vital to understand what you want your AC to do before settling on an option. Most Air conditioners nowadays are conscious about energy consumption and energy usage. Having a high-tech AC usually means that your electricity consumption will go down. Given that we are on the verge of climate change, it becomes our ethical responsibility to purchase consciously after gauging our environmental impact and carbon footprint.

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