Food Allergies ? Know how to fight them

Posted by Brian Miller on April 1st, 2016

Food allergies are caused by an abnormal response of immune system to certain food. The symptoms vary from mild to severe, depending on the immune system of a person. Those symptoms are nausea, suffocation, itching, diarrhea, tongue swelling and low blood pressure. The allergy stays for several hours after the food intake. Some foods that are known to cause allergies are peanuts, Cow’s milk, shellfish, eggs, wheat, rice, tree nuts and fruits. Food allergies are caused if protein, which is present in the food, combines with antibodies (IgE) in immune system and triggers the release of inflammatory chemical histamine. Diagnosis for food allergies are done based on medical history, skin prick tests, patch testing, blood test and oral food challenge.

Here, skin prick test and blood test are done to detect allergies caused by IgE antibodies. Skin prick test is performed by placing tiny board of allergens with protruding needles on the body. When the skin reacts, the person is considered to be allergic. To diagnose allergies caused by other substances, patch testing and oral food challenge are used. Patch testing is done to identify the substance that causes the allergic reaction. This method is used when there is a delayed allergic response. Oral food challenge is done by orally swallowing allergen as a pill. This method is risky and should be performed in a hospital, as the person is prone to anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction to food that may even lead to death. The diagnostic tools, named as endoscopy and colonoscopy, are also used to diagnose allergies.

Visiting an insect stings doctor Charlottesville is quite important because some of the insect bites or stings could be life-threatening to a person. An insect sting punctures the person’s skin and the allergic reaction is caused by saliva, venom or other excretory materials injected into the skin by the insect. The severity of allergy depends on the insects’ species, location of the sting and sensitivity of a person. Many insects inject formic acid into the skin that results in pain and swelling around the infected area. Stings from insects like bees, wasps, fire ants and hornets are very painful and generate a very dangerous allergic reaction, such as anaphylaxis, which may put a person’s life at risk, so immediate consultation from an insect stings doctor Charlottesville is required. Many species of bees and wasps have two poisonous glands. One release formic acid that is less dangerous and results only in swelling, itching and pain in the area the insect has stung. The other gland releases a neurotoxin, resulting in a dangerous allergic reaction- anaphylaxis, which may even lead to death. Skin allergies caused by insect sting can last for few days but in some cases, it is reported that it lasted for two years. When an insect injects venom into the human body, the venom becomes very harmful because it causes anticoagulation; thus preventing blood clotting. In order to save the life of a person, immediate assistance from a particular insect stings doctor is required. In most of the cases, the assistance of the emergency aid in hospitals is also quite beneficial to save the person’s life.

Know how to deal with food allergies. Make sure you have a proper knowledge of different foods and allergies. Insect stings could be quite painful and sometimes fatal. So get the attention of an insect stings doctor Charlottesville if you’re stung.

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