Top 9 gadgets for beer enthusiasts

Posted by urberkit01 on April 2nd, 2016

1. Intoxicase

This useful gadget is very simple. It's an iPhone case that doubles as a bottle opener. It's suitable for everyone who likes their beer on the go. They will never have to worry about chipping their teeth or breaking their key again. It also comes with a fun and handy app that counts the bottles opened, finds where you parked your car, lets you call a cab and so on.

2. Beer Giraffe Tower

It doesn’t hold as much as one might think but it looks very cool. If you want to make an impression on your drinking buddies this is a must have.

3. Viking Horn Glass

If you want to feel like a Viking (who doesn’t) drinking his or her beverage on the night before a great battle or adventure across the sea this is for you. It makes you stand out and gives you that extra spark of confidence. Now all you need is a beard and horned helmet.

4. AlcoMate Revo Breathalyzer

If you are a serious drinker you should invest in this gadget. It doesn’t hold up in court but it is as accurate as the breathalysers used officially. The cheap versions you connect to your phone are fun but you don’t want to bet your driver’s licence on them.

5. Homer Simpson Floating Radio

Ok, so this is not exactly a drinking gadget but we couldn’t do this list without our favourite yellow Beer Pong lover. And this gadget is actually great if you’re enjoying a cold one on a hot day in your swimming pool… or kiddie pool like Homer, if you can’t afford a proper one.

6. Beer Hat

You know what I’m talking about. It’s the classic hat with a beer can on each side and hoses for drinking leading to your mouth. You can continue using these even after you’ve lost the ability to use your limbs. It’s useful for poker nights, sport events, barbeque, anything where you need your hands free.

7. Spin Chill

You know that awful moment when you’re chatting away with your friends at a picnic and you suddenly realise no one restocked the beer cooler so all you have is warm beer. Well worry not, Spin Chill cools down your booze in only 30 seconds. It attaches to the bottles and moves them around the ice for even cooling. Don’t worry, it is designed to move slow enough so there is no unfortunate spillage when opening the beer.

8. Sonic Foamer

This is for gourmet beer drinkers. The device uses ultrasonic technology to create vibrations in your glass. That produces a delicious aromatic foam on top of your drink. It’s for beer lovers who want to enjoy their golden drink in style.

9. Beer Bong

Yes, this is not a high tech gadget. So why does it take the first spot? Because it’s a timeless classic. It dates back to either Aztecs or Vikings. No one knows for sure, which is not a surprise considering the power of the device. The Beer bong has been the cause for many fun memories, crazy stories and bad hangovers. It is certainly a must for any beer lover.

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