Refill your ant farms with leaf cutter ants

Posted by articlelink01 on April 2nd, 2016

Forget driving to the pet store. Avoid the hectic traffics to drive to the brick and mortar stores and pay full price for the same old stuff. When the world is inside our hand, thanks to the INTERNET, why not search for a pet store online? They are more convenient and you will receive an array of items at your doorstep that too with great discounted price!! So are you still thinking about visiting the pet stores?

With a plethora of pet stores available online who are devoted to change the way you buy pet foods, pet homes, pet accessories and other necessities, it sure won't be a herculean task to find one. These online stores provide a wide variety of high quality products with easy shopping experience through cash on delivery, net banking, credit and debit cards. They guarantee to supply live creature to you. Not all the pet stores are here for commercial gains. Many of them are committed to make more animals live long and happily with their human counterparts. Move over canine or feline companions.

Go for exotic rodents and insects like a pack rat or leaf cutter ants. Most of them are vegetarians but some do have diverse diets. Many of these furry rodents can be great pets for your children to accompany them while watching TV or in the playground. Come on! We are all accustomed to the four legged, feathered, scaled and marine acquaintance at our homes. People have very little exposure to these interesting insects. Apart from being purchased as domestic animals, many of these interesting species are required for science projects. So many high schools require these rodents like pack rats for their anatomical experimentation purpose. Dissecting these rodents and insects is the first step for many of the budding doctors.

Some interesting pets to buy online:

  • Golden hamster - Golden hamster or Syrian hamster are at risk because of their dwindling numbers due to destruction of habitat owing to farming by humans. They have cheeks with pouches that expand up to their shoulders and use it to transport food in their burrows. They are territorial and solitary so house them in big clean cages separately. Even the siblings attack each other on attaining maturity. They have a strong sense of smell and a delicate respiratory system.
  • Pack rats- Pack rat or wood rat are noticeably bigger than other common rat species. They have bushy long tail with big ears and dark eyes. They create an uncanny noise when they are up to some mischief. Take these sounds as warning sign for your electrical wires.
  • Leaf cutter ants- Leaf cutter ants are scientifically referred to as Tribe Attini. They feed on fresh green plants (leaves and grasses). They don't consume these leaves instead use them to grow a kind of fungus on their own. Observe their behaviour like tunnel and chamber making. They prefer a clean environment and will get rid of any waste including dead ants from their habitat. Watch them in sand and gel ant farms which are artificially made for observing their behaviour in science laboratories. These ant farms can be bought online.
  • Guinea pigs- Guinea pig belongs to the rodent group and unlike their name; they are not related to the pig family. They have a sharp memory and remember their food track for months. They get frighten easily and avoid moving much. When they become excited, they hop in the air in a continuous way. They can swim too.

Always prefer buying pets when you will have the confidence to give these beautiful creatures a safe home to live longer. We have grown up watching the animated cat and rat fights on TV. Live those moments with your children when you buy a mischievous and playful Pack rat . Leaf cutter ants community is considered the second to humans for its complexity. Watch these ants do their duty with diligence.

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