What are the differences in the effect of different water purifier filters

Posted by hw on July 29th, 2021

The water purifier can purify the water and guarantee the health of the water. Water purifier can purify water because of its filter element, and different filter elements have different effects on water purification.

A, water purifier filter element: activated carbon

Activated carbon has been used for water treatment since the beginning of the 20th century. It is a carbon with a porous structure. The pores are used to increase the surface area of the activated carbon for absorbing impurities. The physical properties of carbides are closely related to their raw materials and processing processes. At present, common carbon is coal, trees, coconut shells or palm as the main raw materials. Coconut shell sintered carbon has better stability, pore distribution and surface area than other types of activated carbon, which makes it have better performance in water treatment.

Activated carbon is on the surface porous tissue adsorption instead of chemical substances, organic pollution sources, heterochromatic, odor, etc. In general, the smaller the volume of activated carbon, its total area will be larger, and grab adsorption capacity will be higher, but the pressure loss of the recording will be higher, which is the need to pay attention to when choosing activated carbon; The use of the highest FLN coconut shell activated carbon, pickling and not pickling, particle size from 6*12 (large system) to 20*50 (household filter use), suitable for use in a variety of occasions. Such as: drinking water treatment, beverage water treatment, aquarium pipe, family or factory use.

B, water purifier filter element: PP cotton filter element

PP cotton filter is mainly used to filter out edema suspended impurities. Micron (micron) as the classification standard, the common is 1,5,10,20 micron filter aperture and different density of the inner and outer layer of the production method to make the filter element has greater fouling capacity. When selecting PP primary fouling filter element, different filter element aperture must be selected according to the occasion of use. The use of the origami filter core is similar to that of the PP decontamination filter core. It uses the folding design to increase its filter surface area. The materials of the origami filter core include paper and plastic.

C, water purifier filter element: ultrafiltration membrane technology

[ultrafiltration membrane technology is a kind of mixture of patent, it includes an extremely subtle formula of activated carbon, using hydraulic pressure, prior coating spread the PRECOAT (fold more complex filter) in a larger area of ultrahigh density more fold type fiber layers, adsorption is the area of the size of 80 football. At present the most advanced ultrafiltration membrane technology is the flange, UPVC, is a model of the ultrafiltration filter.

They are 40 times larger than other brands of the same size. The pores in the fiber layer shield even 1/20,000cm (0.5 micron) of impurities or microorganisms, and ensure that the water in the pores is pure and always perfect from the first drop to the last.

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