How To Choose the Best Cat boarding Stoke on Trent

Posted by jennycooper on April 2nd, 2016

There are a number of factors you must consider when looking for cat boarding Stoke On Trent. Bearing in mind that there are numerous such establishments to choose from, you have to be equally careful with equestrian supplies in Stoke-On-Trent and emphasise on quality. Consider the following factors whenever searching for supplies or a facility to entrust your cat with.

For starters, you should begin the process of identifying a good cattery early enough and take the relevant addresses since most great enterprises require you to make a booking well in advance. Therefore, if you are a cat owner and feel you could require such services sometime in the future; begin your search right away to avoid disappointments when you need to leave your cat behind to travel out of town. Hopefully, you could find more than one good cattery so that you have several options should you have to leave your home without prior planning and have little time to wait for a booking to come through. Keep your pets up to date on required vaccinations as good cat boarding require cats be vaccinated before being brought in to avoid possible spread of infection.

On the cattery facilities, see whether the accommodation quarters have adequate ventilation. Lack of proper air circulation causes discomfort, unpleasant odours, and provides optimum conditions for the spread of disease, especially bacterial infections. Disease in animals just like in humans spreads faster in overcrowded spaces. Confirm that cats from different homes or owners get separate units where they have no contact whatsoever with others to avoid any contracting bacteria and infections from the other. Some enterprises use a sneeze barrier to separate the different units. You may need to be careful with cat boarding Stoke on Trent establishments which offer communal runs and exercise spaces for cats.

For the comfort of your cat, the design of the unit should ideally have an outdoor run for ventilation and exercise. Every unit should have a lock to ensure your cat does not slip away and escape. An installed cat flap provides a passage from the unit to the outdoor run. Inside the unit, there should be a cosy bed made with clean disinfected beddings. In keeping with cooling weather conditions or winter, there should be a heater to keep a cat warm without the danger of causing accidents since arising from a cat’s inquisitive nature.

While out on your fact finding mission, try to observe whether the enterprise has put out notices warning visitors against touching the pets. See whether the handlers make an effort to ensure the instruction is adhered to. Watch the hygiene standards of the personnel, whether they wash their hands after and before handling the cats. Humans at times may be vectors of disease through careless and unhygienic handling of pets.

Look at the overall cleanliness of the establishment. Take note of whether the cattery is clean and disinfected without any smells. See whether uneaten food is removed and litter trays as well as the water and food bowls cleaned. You can judge well when a cat is happy and well taken care of. The same applies for those in need of quality equestrian supplies in Stoke-On-Trent; hygiene is paramount.

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