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Used auto parts industry

Posted by mariaholmes on April 2nd, 2016

What happens when a very old vehicle is dumped in a junkyard or sold to some garage near the corner of your house...? What happens when you exchange your old vehicle for a new one from an auto dealership or someone else...? Did they again sell these old vehicles to someone else for some profit...? Or they restore that vehicle and then sell that for a big profit..? Or they just get scrapped...?

Well, a lot of the times, old non working or working, discarded auto parts are turned into metal or metal gets extracted from them for further use. But a lot of used auto parts, used engine parts get a new life with RECYCLING. Yes, they get recycled because of the sake of nature, because this recycling process creates money, because it got many more other benefits.

Manufacturing a new auto or engine part takes a lot of energy and resources. Big factories use lot of electricity, tons of oil, etc. in their factories to create shiny new piece of transportation. So, Used Auto Parts Industry (or Recycling Industry) plays a necessary and a very important role in the efficient, environment friendly disposal of used old motor vehicles.

Let’s understand some things about this Industry in a little more detail.

  1. From the start of the Motor Vehicle travelling days, Used Auto Parts Industry is providing environmental conservation, local jobs and great consumer service for a fraction of money. It's a win-win for all.
  2. Not just only environmental conservation, this industry saves land too. A lot of land gets saved from turning into big junkyard for old vehicles, used oils, etc. Also saving tons of graveyard space for waste disposal.
  3. This industry plays a major role in stopping Air and Water pollution as manufacturing of new parts creates a lot of pollution in both water and air.
  4. When we think about recycling industry, we imagine scraps and lot of scraps getting picked up and turned into something else by a bunch of people. But no, it's one of the most modern technologies driven industry. Because to turn old discarded vehicles or metals into something useful, that too without harming Mother Nature, is not easy. They need to have very advanced operational methods in their recycling facilities to maximize the true value of an old vehicle, without harming environment or creating pollution of any kind.
  5. Old vehicles and auto parts are first dismantled, checked for wear and tear, reparability, remaining life, etc. Then they are properly cleaned, restored, checked and tested for future use. After that they are sold via different channels to automotive industry. Rest of the metal and plastic parts is then scrapped.
  6. Used Parts Auto industry plays a big role in repairing, old motor vehicles whose auto parts are no longer available in the market. The automaker company of vehicles makes auto parts for a certain vehicle for a certain time. Most successful products see a decade of run, so does there auto parts availability via authorized channel. So, after that only Used Auto Parts Industry remains to rescue a old vehicle in need of a repair or a new auto, engine part.
  7. The modern technology has made this industry little more profitable for both Auto Parts Recycling Industry and the consumers. From 'Ebay.com' to several other websites are available for us to buy used auto parts, used engine parts, etc. from local or international vendor. This helps consumers to get used parts in most economical way without getting cheated and the sellers have a little more exposure and sales for their business.


SUMMARY: This article portrays the importance of Used Auto parts industry and the role they are playing in auto industry and in environmental conservation.

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