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Posted by Avyukta Intellicall on April 4th, 2016

The primary goal of a predictive dialer is to automatically dial a list of telephone numbers, and distribute them among the agents in the most efficient way with live human voice at the other end. The system is capable of detecting and filtering unproductive calls such as fax tone, answering machine, dead line, no answer, busy tone, and other similar calls. In addition to this, with its artificial intelligence algorithm, it can also check and filter those telephone numbers, which are registered for Do Not Call. This eventually will help the company overcome any legal action or complaint.

A predictive dialer automatically identifies answering machines based on the length of the response immediately after the call is picked up: If it is a short “hello” then it probably is a live contact, if there is a longer response, then it is probably an answering machine. Some predictive dialer’s use frequency detection of the voice answering the call to identify if it is a live contact (person) or an answering machine, which is more effective.

Companies require only phones and internet connections for their call agents; within 10 minutes they can be running a fully-predictive campaign. Call agents simply log in through the Agent Gateway; as calls connect to the agents, the customer information appears on agents’ screens. Notes and call results can be entered by the agents directly through the Avyukta Intellicall interface without the need of interacting with a call center CRM.

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