How to Lower The THC From Your System?

Posted by MJ Mom on July 30th, 2021

When you have too much THC in your system, only time can tell for how long the THC will remain in your body. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to reduce the effects a little. 

Even though there is no lethal THC overdose, people do get anxious and paranoid. So, it is better to gain peace of mind by calming the nerves instead of feeling uneasy. 

In this article, we will share our insight on how to reduce too much THC present in your body. But, before that, let's understand – 

The importance of planning ahead for the tolerance and consumption methods

Only a seasoned cannabis user has mastered the tolerance level. This means, as a beginner, you may feel like a stoned zombie when staring at yourself in the mirror. 

So, avoid getting caught off-guard when opting for new methods of consuming THC. For instance, concentrates like shatter tend to have higher psychoactive cannabinoid content than buds. 

You can buy shatter online in Canada that can contain THC as high as 70%. So, when experimenting with new products, always use caution. No matter how exciting it is to try new products, it is better to give your body enough time to get adjusted to it. 

What to do when too much THC is in your system?

1- Take a cold shower: The same way we splash water on our faces to come out of the sleep-induced daze, a cold water shower helps in bringing the brain back to attention when high. 

Even though you may feel shocked as soon the cold water hits your skin, it is a time-tested method of snapping out of the cannabis high. 

2- Food and water: It is always best to get hydrated after consuming cannabis. This way, you can prevent yourself from cottonmouth and help your body's sensations stay alert and defences strong. 

Plus, eating fat-rich food can also help the body metabolise THC faster. So, whenever your overdose on THC, get some food and water for your stomach.

3- Talk to your friends: People tend to feel anxious and paranoid when too much THC enters their system. So, if you feel lost, then one best way to get your mind off paranoia is talking to a sober friend. 

And prefer honesty is the best policy. Talk about how you feel and why. Sometimes, simply getting things off the chest can help you feel better. 

Over to you

If you get anxious or paranoid high, it is better to stay away from too much THC. Even if you have extra THC in your system, calm down and follow the tips suggested above. 

Also, if you want to buy shatter in Canada to keep a tab on your dosage, then ensure to source it wisely. 

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